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Good short metroidvania! Gotta love that drill gun :)

I almost got stuck after "someone" tried to kill the hero until I figured out that I can change clothes while jumping. Well, it's still tough road after that but managed to get to large monitor and last upgrade nonetheless

I wish weapon change and clothes change could use other button

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. 

I noticed when play testing that players didn't know to climb up to the grapple beam, I probably should have put the grapple beam on the other side of the gap, so you could see it from the lower level and then try to figure out how to get there, like I did with the exo suit. Good lesson for next time.

It was difficult to fit the three actions into two buttons; you're right, it would have been better to use a third if I could, but that's part of the restrictions of pico-8.