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I don't have a download link currently, It's just online. Good thought, I'll add one.

Yep, it's classic trick I got from Atari Adventure.


Thanks, I'm glad you enjoy it. I'm always open to suggestions.


Yeah, the win state actually takes up nearly a third of the code. This jam was the first time I really paid attention to the character count, and I was surprised by the weight of different types of code I'm used to using.

Thanks for pointing out that typo, it's fixed now.

Thank you!


Thanks, cptspace! Interestingly, the critters use the exact same movement script as the player. The only difference is that an AI script is pushing the buttons for the animals. Right now they're just mashing, but in a future update they will observe their environment and make intelligent decisions.

I only had time for one linear level during the Jam, but I have bigger plans for the future. I'm planning on having one massive open map, but I think it's a good idea to treat each section as its own level with a unique central challenge and clear goal. Keeping an open world will allow the game to include going through the same section multiple times, but with different movement mechanics that create different challenges and open new pathways.

Are you on a Mac? When I tested it myself I got a warning as well, because it's not from an Apple-verified developer. You may have to go into System Preferences - Security and Privacy to manually allow it, if your settings are like mine. Otherwise, I don't know what else could be causing it, but I'll look into it. Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it.

Thanks for the feedback, I just accidentally left an image file out of the source folder. As soon as I can I'll upload the functioning version.

I absolutely love this game. I have been thinking about making something similar for quite some time, and this is much better than what I am currently  able to do.

I like the wind sound and the adaptive sound track. The music is great, I found myself walking around for while even though it was slower and less interesting just so I could hear the music. One thing I could suggest is that often I would go back and forth between walking and flying, and the transition between the two themes felt almost like an interruption or like the music lost its place. I think it was because the musical theme often did not get to resolve before it switched. I think that if the instrumental balance changed when you switched between flying and walking, but it didn't change musical themes until whatever section was playing finished, it would make the transitions sound smoother. I also think it would be cool if there were distinct night and day themes, it would go well with the difference in lighting to enhance the atmosphere.

The dragon's animation is so fluid and dynamic, it really adds to the immersion and makes the dragon feel alive. The wingtip trails were a little distracting, but the trails in the air were more subtle and helped give a sense of the speed. The coin particle effects in the dragon's lair and the sound for breathing fire were very satisfying. Overall, this is an excellent prototype that well deserves further development.

This game has earned a follow from me, and I hope you keep working on it and add more content in the future.

This is a really cool idea. It's a very unique mechanic that is satisfying to use. I like how you have to work with the physics to build a tower that you can climb, it's like you are the level designer. You can't get stuck, and there is always a way to get higher.

One thing that I think could use improvement is jumping on a slope. When the slope is too steep the space bar does nothing, which makes it feel less responsive. I think if jumping on a steep slope would make you jump not as high and off to the side, it would make the movement feel more dynamic and open up more interesting options for traversing your frozen structure.

The music is great, and the visual style fits with it very well. It has great replayability, too, because you will face different challenges each time. I really enjoyed trying out different strategies for getting to the top the quickest and with the fewest frozen boxes.

Thank you for a fun game, qowieury.

Okay, thanks for telling me. I just created a new download file that should contain all the necessary data, which I'll upload as soon as I can.  Sorry for the inconvenience; this is my first game, so I appreciate the feedback so I know what I need to do in the future.

Thanks for letting me know, Chris. I haven't used the itch app myself, but I tried downloading the game from the jam page and there were no issues. Maybe if you download it, it will run properly.