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I'm so glad you liked it, thank you!

Thanks so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Yeah, I really want to add sfx and music if and when I upgrade it.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the feedback!



You're right, I threw together a basic player controller just to get it working and then didn't have time to improve it. If I do an update that'll be the first priority.

Other people have been getting stuck on level 4 too, so I added a hint: you can touch the goal with your tail, not just your head. Thanks for the feedback!


Thanks for the feedback. Hint: you can touch the goal with your tail, not just your head.

I just fixed an issue where I left in some debugging tools that would slow the game down. Maybe is taking a while to push updates, idk, but hopefully it's fixed now.

Oh no, I forgot to delete some debug stuff. Sorry about that. That was for testing the particle effects, whenever it says "failed" it means it stopped a particle from spawning in order to keep performance stable. I'll fix that as soon as possible, thank you for telling me.

I hadn't even found the gun yet, I just didn't notice the secret passage. Once I figured that mechanic out the rest of the game was a breeze. I defeated the boss and even explored out of bounds a bit. Nice game, simple but enjoyable. Thanks for sharing!

I went all the way down into the cave with all the platforms and the bat thingy, got the item at the end, but now I don't know what it was or how to get back out. Based on the level design I expected some kind of double jump or wall jump ability, but I can't. What am I missing?

p.s. could you make the link color on this page different from the background color so we can see them? 

Thank you!

Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks! That's so great to hear. I have been trying to reign in the difficulty based on playtest results. I tried a new art style based on patterned sprites arranged in a gradient, and I'm really pleased with how it turned out. Glad you liked it!

Awesome, thanks!


Sure, I'll upload it here. I'll add some clarifying comments too. Apologies in advance for the spaghetti code.

Cool, thanks. I do wish I had added some meaningful interaction to make it more than a cutscene, but I'm glad you enjoyed it regardless. I love seeing people play my games, I always learn a lot about player experience, so thanks again!

Hey, that's awesome. Thanks for playing my game, glad you enjoyed it.

Inside the while loop that does the actual raycast, there's an if statement that checks if the ray has gone out of bounds and stops it. It'll look like:

if mget(x,y)>0 or x<0 or x>31 or y<0 or y>31 then

-- stop the ray

You can change those numbers to change the size of the visible map. This demo uses pico-8's map, so it's limited to 128x64. If you need something larger than that, you could use a table instead, which can be whatever size you want.

Just be aware, when the map gets too big it may start to lag because the rays are checking every intersection across the whole map. You can solve this with fancy optimization, or just avoid making wide open spaces or very long tunnels.

Hope this helps!

a wise man once said

it's-a me

The method I used is actually really simple. I draw the horizontal lines with a for loop, and the y coordinate of the lines is divided by the iterator. Then to animate them, just have another variable constantly looping from 0 to 1 to use as an offset. So it would be something like:

anim-=0.03 -- animate lines

anim%=1 -- loop it between 0 and 1

for i=1,10 do

-- the key is to divide by i+anim

line(0, 100/(i+anim), 127, 100/(i+anim))


The vertical lines don't move, but the way they intersect with the moving lines gives it that 3D effect.

Hope that made sense. Glad you enjoyed the music too :)

All right, it's done. Now you change brush size with the keyboard, editing colors has its own menu, you can toggle to a square brush, and drag the toolbar around. Plus the UI colors are better and painting is smoother. Hope you enjoy it!

Yep, that would work. I think there's even a piece of code in the demo you can un-comment to remove the fisheye effect that does exactly that, but I like the fisheye effect so I kept it that way.

Awesome, it's decided then. I'll flesh out Pico Paint with more user-friendly features and upload it here when it's done. Thanks guys!

Hey, that's a great idea.


Thank you!

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it


That's interesting, I hadn't heard of Minehunt before.

I agree, moving diagonally is definitely a major issue. Right now you can press two directions at once, but it's really finicky, so you may have to place orange flags to prevent accidentally moving laterally and try it that way.

One solution I am considering is adding WASD control, and using Q,E,Z, and X for diagonal directions. I might also add an input delay so you can press two keys at nearly the same time and it will still register as diagonal, I'm just worried that will feel unresponsive. I've got some testing to do. Thanks for the feedback!

That's a good point, minesweeper automatically flood-fills areas around 0-tiles. I thought about adding that, but what makes this game unique is that you have to physically move through the minefield, so I wanted to emphasize that by making you uncover every tile manually. You can still go around and unlock all the same tiles that would have been revealed by a flood fill, so it doesn't make any tiles inaccessible. However, I suspect that I probably cranked up the difficulty by adding too many mines, so I might add a difficulty setting like minesweeper has.

Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it!

That's awesome to hear, thank you!

Thanks! The post-jam version will definitely have better instructions. I was concerned about the difficulty curve too, so I'm glad you liked it, thank you!

Awesome, thank you!

What a neat concept, joining together moves into a custom macro. Really nice puzzle design. The puzzle with a three-path maze upwards I struggled with for a long time for some reason, and eventually solved it by systematically trying every combination. I like the one-bit art style too. Well done, thanks for sharing!