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I like the concept of this game, and there's some really satisfying visual feedback going on for your actions! I do agree with the commenter who said that (a) the difficulty level is very high, and (b) it's not a roguelike. For me personally, I think I would have enjoyed it more if you came away from each heist with a little cash to spend towards permanent upgrades; that might temper the difficulty a bit.

It took me way too long to figure out that you get penalized for the scanner intersecting either the circle around your mouse or a lingering circle around a node; intuitively I expected one or the other, not both. I kind of wished there were a half-second or so of grace period after the scanner detected you, too; it's frustrating when it just skims the edge of the circle around your cursor, and you end up getting penalized twice because it technically intersected the circle twice.

I didn't find I ever had time to look to the side and see how many actions I had remaining. For that to be useful to me, I think I would have needed something much easier to check in peripheral vision -- maybe a row of big dots which disappear one by one as you use your actions.

Finally, it was confusing to me that nodes would infect nearby nodes they didn't have a connection to. I wasn't expecting that, and it left me confused about the point of the connections.

Still, though, I think this is a really neat game, and the mechanic is a fun one I haven't seen before. I'd really like to see it polished into something a little less frustrating!


thanks for the feedback!! i super do agree having the both the time n action count remaining off to the side of the screen is a bad place for it, a friend suggested it instead b around ur cursor which ill b implementing when i have a chance to come back to it, along w actual difficulty options. im a bit confused abt what u mean when u say the circle around the cursor? the one that follows ur mouse the whole time is just a preview, the scanners cant detect it. also yeah, i should def have made it more clear that when u infect a node by clicking on it, it emits a wave thats intentionally bigger than the default connection range. it becomes more clear later in the game when u can get mods to increase that initial infection radius that it’s separate from the default waves that nodes emit, but rlly, they look way too similar now for sure

thank u so much for playing! <3