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Can't run it (MacOS Monterey 12.4). Error message: 

The application “2021-03-28-1814 Twilight Tower Mac” can’t be opened.

Wanted to like it, but I just found the controls unusably frustrating. Could we have options for what keys jump and lick?

This game looked neat, but the controls were too confusing for me! It told me which key approved and rejected articles, I forgot what they were, and then there was no way to look it up or set it. I actually restarted the game to be told again -- and this time it only gave me mouse control instructions! Not to mention that the arrow keys scrolled through papers in the reverse of the direction I expected.

I'd really love to give this game another try ... if there's a way to set the controls. (A way to turn off the flicker wouldn't hurt, either. I get motion-sick.)

This game is adorable and I honestly can't believe how long I ended up playing it for. You have something beautiful going on here.

What determines how many points a bunny picture is worth? I couldn't figure out if it's random or if it depends on framing/pose/something else. (There should be bonuses for multi-bunny combos!)

Concept: more expensive purple and white carrots that attract purple and white bunnies (for more likes)!

Also I think it would be cool if there were a way to download some of the pictures you take. ;) I could see using one as a background on my real phone.

Cute artwork, smooth gameplay, entertaining concept! Kind of feels like half a game -- I was expecting to be able to buy upgrades with that money I was earning -- but it was a reasonably fun ten minutes.

I like the concept of this game, and there's some really satisfying visual feedback going on for your actions! I do agree with the commenter who said that (a) the difficulty level is very high, and (b) it's not a roguelike. For me personally, I think I would have enjoyed it more if you came away from each heist with a little cash to spend towards permanent upgrades; that might temper the difficulty a bit.

It took me way too long to figure out that you get penalized for the scanner intersecting either the circle around your mouse or a lingering circle around a node; intuitively I expected one or the other, not both. I kind of wished there were a half-second or so of grace period after the scanner detected you, too; it's frustrating when it just skims the edge of the circle around your cursor, and you end up getting penalized twice because it technically intersected the circle twice.

I didn't find I ever had time to look to the side and see how many actions I had remaining. For that to be useful to me, I think I would have needed something much easier to check in peripheral vision -- maybe a row of big dots which disappear one by one as you use your actions.

Finally, it was confusing to me that nodes would infect nearby nodes they didn't have a connection to. I wasn't expecting that, and it left me confused about the point of the connections.

Still, though, I think this is a really neat game, and the mechanic is a fun one I haven't seen before. I'd really like to see it polished into something a little less frustrating!

I loved this game! The art is charming, there's just the right dialogue/gameplay ratio to my taste, and the mechanics are very smoothly introduced; I didn't feel either lost or overloaded with information.

Most of all, I think the mechanic is fabulous. Not only is it fun in its own right, it does a great job of creating a real sense of conversational dynamics despite its simplicity. And I love the warnings about how you can't get along with everyone, and how that ends up being true in practice because of deck limitations.

The characters are so good, too! The dialogue, character design, and mechanics combine to evoke a strong sense of identity for each one, and I found myself very fond of all of them. I'm going to want to re-play the game just to get to know more of them.

That was very strange. I fully intend this as a compliment.