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First of all, i absolutely love this VN. Great work!

I was wondering if you're gonna add more music (including ambient sounds) to the novel?

For example in the beginning, you have music at the tennis courts, and then i recall there being a good track at Spencer's workplace (heh). And of course there were also ambient sounds: showers, amusement park etc.

I often find that the silence continues for so long, that it could use some sort of an immersion element. (Full on music fits to places like the characters' workplaces, while ambient sounds fit to more "public" areas, like the amusement park, highway, nature etc etc)

Ahaha, yes yes! There will be more music. I recently hooked up with someone to do some music for me, so it's something in the works. My job with the music has been pretty shoddy, but I hope it will get better! At first, I was tossing in music to get feedback about how it felt, then I just got... lazy with it. It really needs work, but I'm on it!