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Ah so just Del eh, seems easy enough.

As the MC doesn't have a defined height, I'd suggest reworking the line "Even though he was shorter than you, he could be intimidating at times." on Harold's route (Day 10, when Darius corners the MC in the restroom), when you have time of course. Probably just shorten it to something like "He really can be intimidating at times". Works better. ;)

Hmm I noticed Darius and Dozer dont seem to have one of those character stat summaries at the beginning of the game.. How tall/heavy are they? 

I recall that at one point, the dialogue also mentioned that Darius is shorter than the MC (I think it was in the school toilets, probably in Coach's route) , so how tall is the MC then?

Also on another note, is it possible to Delete the Save Games somehow? I tried deleting the whole folder, but the saves still stayed later, so i guess theyre somewhere else? 

I have hundreds... Could use some organizing..

Harold and Spencer have already shown off plenty. You should try changing your dialogue choices while playing. ;)

She's the kind and all-seeing bara godmother. 

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Perfect, thanks :D Love the track.

Keep up the good work, currently by far the best VN out there ^^ <3  

Also, i've been curious.. Have you already planned out where the routes go (like as a whole) or are you making the stories up as you go?

Is the music used in the buddhist temple original? Because it was so relaxing (and fit perfectly with the setting)... I need it.......

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First of all, i absolutely love this VN. Great work!

I was wondering if you're gonna add more music (including ambient sounds) to the novel?

For example in the beginning, you have music at the tennis courts, and then i recall there being a good track at Spencer's workplace (heh). And of course there were also ambient sounds: showers, amusement park etc.

I often find that the silence continues for so long, that it could use some sort of an immersion element. (Full on music fits to places like the characters' workplaces, while ambient sounds fit to more "public" areas, like the amusement park, highway, nature etc etc)