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I love it but it plays like half speed. people look like they're walking instead of running. Does the same with both integrated graphics and dGPU (RX590). Also tried to enable/disable vsync and AMD and Windows overlays.
When I minimize the game in the task bar with alt+tab then re-focus it, kids run at normal speed for a few seconds, then I'm back to 9fps.. Any idea what's going on ?

This can happen when your driver ignores the vsync settings of the game.  Try switching on vsync in your driver settings. What platform are you on?

Thanks for that fast answer! I just updated my previous comment before I saw yours: vsync changes nothing if I force enable it in my graphic settings. Using Windows 10, up to date as well as GPU drivers.

Could you send the game log file to  Maybe there's something hidden in there.

It should be here: