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Nice project! I would love to see more of this kind of interactive audiovisual piece. May I ask how you made it? Using RGBDS?

Really smooth, fun, refreshing and calming experience. Love the way you can go deeper and deeper when you get better equipment, I got a kinda Subnautica vibe from it. The wavy effects at the water surface and underwater are pure awesomeness.
The game is still at the "unfinished demo" state (no real end), but truly enjoyable already.

Well in this case I might already have found some secret content (and I laughed during the animation)!

Amazing! It's actually quite close to a game concept idea a got a few years ago which is still in a early sketchbook stage. Playing your game gave me some new ideas and motivation to maybe actually test my idea one day. Thanks for this!
I will keep an eye to incoming updates.

I'm not sure about the secret content. How obvious is it to know that it's the secret content once you found it?
Of course I disinfect it, just in case, because you're supposed to use it WHILE doing your stuff, not AFTER the toilet paper, eeek.

That was an awesome experience. Dialog, aesthetic, overall atmosphere, music, characters, all of that brings a lot of nostalgia from my own school time as well as lots of surprises from this awesome adventure. Loved it. I generally never play games on the webpage but I ended up stuck to this one. Might flash it onto my flashcard so my friends and roommates can enjoy it on the toilet's gameboy. Thanks for your work!

Univers stylé et saisissant, enigmes parfois pas très claire, et mini-jeux un peu rébarbatifs mais ça fait le taff. Bravo !

Thanks for that fast answer! I just updated my previous comment before I saw yours: vsync changes nothing if I force enable it in my graphic settings. Using Windows 10, up to date as well as GPU drivers.

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I love it but it plays like half speed. people look like they're walking instead of running. Does the same with both integrated graphics and dGPU (RX590). Also tried to enable/disable vsync and AMD and Windows overlays.
When I minimize the game in the task bar with alt+tab then re-focus it, kids run at normal speed for a few seconds, then I'm back to 9fps.. Any idea what's going on ?