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Your demo for Dark Fracture was good. I really liked the environment and the responsive movement that immersed me. My gripe is how long it takes to push continue after picking up an item and my problem is how game breaking the bugs are. I had to restart around 5 times because an unmovable object would block a door or a different item wouldn't move. Other than that it was great. 

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Thank you for playing, great video. We took note of all your feedback and will improve based on it. Do you mind giving us more info regarding which objects you had the issues with so we can fix it? Was it always the trolleys blocking the way?

The trolleys are scripted at certain points to move, but If I'm in their path they get pushed to the door and get stuck there. The second trolley in the freezer room was stuck the first time around. The valve got frozen on the wall and the little menu to turn the valve was stuck on the screen. Those are the game breaking bugs I experienced.

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Thank you for the info!

We will fix the trolleys issue in our next update, sorry for the inconvenience that caused while you played.

The second trolley issue in the freezers room wasn't actually a bug, you entered, didn't use a lighter and due to the darkness accidentally tried to force open the freezers several times, which lead the story into you deciding not to care to carry the trolleys out of the room, and that task has ended due to it, regardless, that shouldn't happen and we will make it easier for players to find the light switch and not hit the freezers when they enter the room.

We didn't find any case of the valve getting stuck in your video (or maybe just missed it, will look again), we assume you edited it out of the video, but we will investigate into the issue.

Thanks again.


The valve menu gets stuck on screen around 36:22 and it locks me from clicking on the valve to spin it.