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I liked the buildup and the change of settings from a middle of nowhere road to gas station to motel.

Oh that explains it. Thanks!

Why did a car come down from the sky

I'm so glad you rushed a finished build because this was better than most like it. 

Your game reminded me of Lost in vivo a bit. What happened in the room with the pulsating meat sack?

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Loved your game. I haven't played something like this in a while so It was a great reminder that free horror games can be GREAT. Sorry for the repost. has changed a bit since the last time I've posted something here.

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I got stuck being defeated by the mom or whoever the lady was in my house. Was the mom evil? 

I liked the comedic timing and can't wait for your other projects. 

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You gave me good laughs and a funny story. Keep up the good work! 

Dying of thirst one water demon at a time Don't Drink This Water! - Dying of Thirst - YouTube

Simple pleasant horror experience with a nasty twist!

I had a few problems or bugs and while few they were pretty big. I know I would absolutely love this If I didn't encounter any problems. It's obvious you put a lot of passion into The Forgotten Forest with the sounds, map layout, and events.

Where is the digging hole?

Looks interesting I can't wait for the next build.

ah thank you!

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It's been a while since I got a good jump scare.I also noticed sounds coming from very precise places and that was a very nice touch.

This is the first Junji Ito style game I've played and I hope it helps bring fourth more games from yourself and other developers who want to use this style.

I really enjoyed the sucked into a board game theme. I want to know more about the clown thingy and I hope you can continue this into a series where someone finally beats him.

My favorite Christmas horror game of 2020. The voice line really made the game.

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I REALLY like this concept. I hope you are able to continue your game to add more things. what about a safe room with a npc there who sells you shoes? idk. I couldn't manage to get the goo ending but that's just me.

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Oh so that's where it was...

Anyway I thought it was a great addition to the initial Gornom game. I am confused about the ending though. Were there 3 different monsters?

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This fridgey game jam sequence would make for a great horror game addition. It would be cool if there were hints in some hidden pages that maybe the father is responsible for the daughter's disappearance but that's just me. My only bad gripe is that the controls didn't work to move things.

It's been a while since I've played something like this. I hope N4BA will be able to work on bigger projects in the future.

Simply Unexpected

Thanks! I'll probably finish it soon too

This has got to be one of my favorite games on You're a master of jump scare and pretty good at pacing too. I'm astounded at how scary you made all the flat images seem. Kind of like Spooky's House.

I think I'm about half way through right now but I really like the environment a lot. You did a great job at constructing the setting. I had some trouble with the enemy that spawns in though.

I liked the addition of the art. It makes it kind of visual novel-y. Short and fun.

I would really love playing this with people over the internet but it's still satisfying to play by yourself. I think a plot could make it a better solo style game unless I just didn't get far enough find out it has one already.

I think I'll really like this when we get the full release and see how this connects to everything. I had trouble finding the button and key but I liked the sound design from the music to the  object  noises.

The physics in your game were great and I loved the creep factor of the baby along with the ending.

QATAT chapter one was a cute little adventure game with a creepy twist.

I was confused but appreciated the antagonist mechanic once I got used it it.

I enjoyed the mystery behind cleaning blood off the walls until your conscience or the demon comes after you. At least that's what I though about it.

Thank You!

The ending of your game hit harder than a truck!


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*Neko inserts fedora bow

I liked all the different sequences and how they were unique. The maze was good too but I think it would be cool to have something slowly come after you.

I really liked your games. Especially this one. I WANT a continuation where you fight the cream soda man and save the day.