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I loved this little taste and I can't wait to see what's in store for our little ramen friend/foe in the next one.

This reminds me too much of Lost in Vivo and that's a good thing. The scares were extremely unexpected and the setting was unique! I only wish there was co-op with the large maps that are easy for ME to get lost in without a map. 9/10 Would scream again.

Your game had a neat soundtrack and hidden lore that I really liked. The ending had me upset though.

I think it would put the game on a whole other level if there were sound cues whenever the monster got close in the direction of it.

I had a good time running from a good villain while creepy dub step signaled my pending doom. I do wish the ending was different unless I just got the bad one. 

I liked it, but I kind of wanted some lore too.

I had a great time wondering where and why I was.

It was a splendid game. This was my reaction to it. I love the click and play feature.

I enjoyed the walk and all the spooks along the way. It was splendid to not die at the end for once lol

This game was brutally epic. Thankyou.

I am unable to download this game. Unity player.dll cannot be found?

I thought it was very fun, and also really scary at times.