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Good game, except very unbalanced, or at least leaves a very bad aftertaste of work being done almost for nothing. Enemies can spawn out of nowhere and give nothing after you defeat them (even though they might take out 1/5 of your health which is almost a fortune to repair), prices in shops are just not worth it and the overall difficulty is crippling. I have found myself looking at the map and seeing red dots and straight up running from them because I knew I would lose more than what I would gain. And this could have been fine if the maps actually contained loot - you can spend half of your oxygen flying around searching for something just to find nothing except a mine, which conveniently doesn't show up on the map so you can bump into one without knowing. This level of difficulty is also further supplemented with repetitiveness of the battles and them happening non-stop, leaving you no room to breathe (heh, get it?), which all sums up to what I would actually call almost darksouls-like.

TL;DR: Good game idea, but poorly executed balance (from my perspective at least).

Also a large thing to note is that it may be a good idea to add more mechanics related to orbits and stuff, but that's optional I suppose. I came here for a 2d space exploration with orbital mechanics, but did get the charm of 2d space shooter. Even so, orbits and gravity playing a larger role would be very nice.

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Hi Anton! Thanks for playing, and while I'm sorry you didn't have a great time, I'm grateful you took the time to give this feedback. I always meant for the game to be hard, but findng the right balance is tough, so feedback like this is important, especially for an early access game like this.

The game is a balancing act of leveling up, searching for loot crates (there is always at least one in each system, currently) and deciding when to move on to the next system. 

Your feedback has given me some ideas and I hope you come back to the game in the future!

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Yes, of course, I expect the game to improve greatly over time. Also I did in fact find crates in each system eventually, but it often provides only scrap (and only a small amount of it). The hull is also a massive problem as it can expire at about the same speed as oxygen does, but the repair kits only fill 20% compared to full fill-up of oxygen.
I did not try how hard it would be after a decent amount of hours into the game when the ship is really upgraded, but as far as I know it won't help with the oxygen issue.
I guess just a bit more generous loot from the boxes and enemies as well as less expensive prices in the shops should solve the issue up to a decent level.