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Hi, Rat King

Just finished playing through Solitune on Steam & enjoyed it, which reminded me about this game & its dead links; is there any chance you will release this game properly on Itch or re-host it on dropbox? It looks pretty interesting.

Hey gregoaaa, is the standalone download not working? If so, please tell me the error you get.

Hi, Rat King

The Windows links returns this:

File not found

Sorry, that file doesn’t live here anymore. It might have been moved or made private.

Oh, strange that it worked for me last time I tested it... I'll re-upload the game on itch.

hi therer! are you talk about freedom solder 3 ?

i look in to dropbox?  4.7 gb dvd bit less ? one dvd

j  my new game are 1.12GB  or up to 4.7GB or less then DVD storge
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