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Very awesome, thanks!

I love this, but it seems to be broken with Unity 2018.3 :(

Good idea, thanks!

Great! Thanks for playing!

Thank you! It was all done in Illustrator, by @RottenHedgehog!

And for the bending of the road I wrote a messy shader that rotates each vertex around three axes.

<3 <3 <3

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Thank you. Comments like this are the reason I want to continue making games.

Is there a Steam key included with the purchase?

Oh, strange that it worked for me last time I tested it... I'll re-upload the game on itch.

The app finds the folder either directly in the same directory, or inside the .app - if it doesn't work I really don't know what is happening. I just removed the dust from my old Mac and tried the .app myself, and it works without any modifications. :-/ Sorry!

I don't really know what the problem is then. :-( Does it work when you move the "computers" folder into the .app?

Dang. Is there a directory "computers" next to the .app?


Hey gregoaaa, is the standalone download not working? If so, please tell me the error you get.

carcass is proud of you!

I am sorry!

Thanks! I really enjoyed the video! :-)

Thank your for playing, and the nice words! :-)

Why not disabling modding for the pre alpha, so people already get something to play when they buy it here?

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Hey, it depends on how many rooms you set at the beginning. I think with the standard setting a playthrough from start to finish (if you survive) is around 15-20 minutes, but of course it also depends on you and your partner. :)

Just keep in mind it's a prototype, so there's no real end game.

Cool, maybe I will change the values depending on certain gameplay modes. Tests with more than 2 players would be great!

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Thanks for playtesting! I guess the somewhat "slow" speed makes more sense for 3- or 4-player matches. If you want you can try to play around with the values in the options.txt file - turn up "playerMoveSpeed" from 8.0 to 9 or even 10. To change the shooting speed, "shootPowerMinTime" and "...MaxTime" define how long you have to aim until the shot gets full power, and "bullletStartMinVelocity" and "...MaxVelocity" define the shot's speed.