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I'll try! Thanks!

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Replace the lines 454 and 454 in QuickToggle.cs with these two:

    • normal = new GUIStyleState() { background = EditorGUIUtility.Load("Icons/d_winbtn_mac_close.png") as Texture2D },
    • onNormal = new GUIStyleState() { background = EditorGUIUtility.Load("Icons/d_winbtn_mac_max.png") as Texture2D },
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    I really like the focus of this little game, well done! I'm really bad at it though, I reached the first port so far. I'm no sailor I fear. But I'll try again!

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    We didn't give up, but we have to allocate time somehow. The game has no budget, so we can't work on it full-time. Also the demo is working as it is, so currently there is no reason for us to update it; instead we plan the next levels for the full version and work on the story.

    Thanks for playing!

    We're looking into adding/improving ways when it comes to traversing the areas. We might add more stuff, but we really don't want to have too many mechanics.

    And yeah, more secrets to come. I'm not super happy with non-colliding walls in any case, so I definitely want to add hidden switches and levers.

    Thank you! I hope performance problems can be fixed later on, right now I'm not sure what the cause would be. Did you try running the game on the dedicated graphics card?

    Thanks a lot for the feedback and video!! =) The deco mode is still WIP, so yeah, there is probably more stuff that feels slightly of still. We'll work on that!

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    Hey! LMB and RMB are (currently) not rebindable, so that's why the buttons are red - they work in the game. The buttons on the right are for rebinding gamepad controls only.

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    Hey, thanks for playing! You probably didn't collect the cup on the chair; the game needs a tutorial in this regard (will do with the next update) - you can look up and down and get the cup by keep pressing the right mouse button!


    From now on I will say this about anything new


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    Ihr kumpelhaftes Getue können Sie sich sparen, wenn alles was Ihnen einfällt Herumkrittelei und Genörgel ist. TRI hat 16 Level, jedes davon wurde über durchschnittlich drei Monate von Hand gebaut (inklusive Scripts und Rätsel) - ob Ihnen das 14 Dollar wert ist, müssen Sie selbst entscheiden, aber ich persönlich sehe den Preis eher als zu niedrig an.

    So oder so bitte ich Sie, von weiteren Kommentaren abzusehen.

    Yes, when the demo is a bit more polished we will probably do that.

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    Thanks for playing - I guess I'll need the log to find out what's happening ... EDIT: I think I found (and fixed) the reason for the crash!

    Ohne weitere Infos ist "funktioniert bei mir nicht" nicht sehr hilfreich und führt auch nicht dazu, dass ich mich groß darum kümmere. Das Spiel ist von 2016, also ja, es ist älter.

    Thanks for playing! The deco mode is very much WIP and anything will/might change - including the way you acquire and "pay" for furniture!

    Please do not spam. :) Right now the game and story are in its infancy, and we will seek out translators when the time is right.

    I'm currently working on gamepad support, but as the game is still a prototype it doesn't have the highest priority. It's definitely on the agenda though.

    And yes, if everything works out, then Mops&Mobs will be on Steam too!

    Awesome, thank you very much! We too hope to see more soon ;)

    Thanks a lot! Nice playthrough, I enjoyed it, and it showed us some parts we should improve ;)

    It's coming when we have more than a prototype <_<

    The text at the beginning should give a hint

    You can punch enemies with right click!

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    Embarrassing 07:13 for the first try

    Really cool entry, seems like .COM is the new Unity


    Echt hart, habe gerade mal -3 Minuten geschafft!

    Jetzt schon ein Klassiker! Bin sehr glücklich über die einfache Streckeneditierfunktion

    Finde gut dass der Hase einwandfrei im Vorteil ist ;)

    Wunderschöne Character Art und Dialoge und der scrollende Hintergrund ist auch toll

    Die Idee und Umsetzung find ich gut, leider gibt es Fehler in der EXE

    Eine feine Idee und cute Grafik!

    Extrem gute Umsetzung, hat mir sehr gefallen!

    Heh, kein Problem, hatte mich nur gefragt ob ich was falsch mache

    Ich höre leider keinen Sound, und Maustaste saugt nichts ein?

    Thanks a lot for the promotion! 😀 I added the standalone builds now, too!

    I had some problems to see what exactly my mage currently does (e.g. the fireball was pretty small). An ingame tutorial would be helpful.

    At this stage some sounds would be a good addition, to have a bit more feedback what happens around you.

    Indeed, it made the editor like a 1000 times better

    The games look very cool, I love retro stuff!