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For now I keep the default chunk size of 8 (you can change it anytime for yourself of course), because I noticed that a chunk size of 16 slows down the editing a little bit.

I don't have much further optimizations in mind. What I can imagine is automatically adding LOD groups to chunks, with the Culling level already set to a user defined value. Maybe it would even be possible to do some simplification of the chunk meshes for LOD 1, but I really don't know how, and it feels like a very extensive addition.

Also I was looking into texture arrays, but they have some restrictions (all textures need to be the same size, for example), and also I'm not confident they would actually help with performance that much. (They would help with greedy meshing though, I guess.)

In any case you should use occlusion culling, which Unity can do for you.

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Hallo HeadClot,

thanks for using bloed! I will read the articles, but to be honest I thought a lot about optimization possibilities before and a lot of them are not possible with the bloxels system because

  • although of course constrained to a 1x1x1 grid, they can be of any shape (not only cubes)
  • they can/will have textures with UV coordinates on the texture atlas that are not in a fixed grid
  • they can have a noise factor (defined by the BloxelTexture) so all vertices have to exist reliably

It is already possible to set the size of a chunk when you're creating a new BloxelLevel, so you can only change this on initialization. Right now the default setting is 8 bloxels in the X, Y and Z direction, but I'm thinking about changing the default to 16. Chunks are generated on the fly when changed bloxels are registered, so there is no need to set an amount of chunks.

Kind regards,

Rat King

Good job! I think it's mostly claustrophobic because of the walls, not because of having only three lanes. :P

Awesome :) Thanks for playing it!

With version 1.0 bloed has official support for URP, though the example Bloxel material still has to be updated by hand (as you can change it as you wish).

Version 1.0 should fix the issue with missing chunks. If there is another issue, please report!

That's really strange indeed! Can you send me a test project (as simple as possible)? (friedrich * ratking * de, with the first * being an @ and the second * a dot.)

Yeah, I already did some tests and noticed the same problem with the internal materials. I will try to improve the situation and remove the shader for the 3D cursor too, but I will probably need a few days, sorry. (Too many other projects...)

Just write your questions where you feel the most comfortable!

Ha, okay. :-) I will definitely should test URP support more though, there might be problems I'm not aware of right now.

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Thanks for using bloed! URP should be supported by just changing the materials - I think there is even a tool for that provided by URP that automatically switches the shader. To be extra sure I will do some tests with URP in a few days.

EDIT: To be clear, the most basic bloxel material consists of the standard shader with the texture atlas as main texture.

There are actually save points, so it shouldn't be a complete restart every time. If it is, then it's a bug, sorry.

Thanks for the info. I will look into this.

Hm, it should be as easy as just clicking each sheep. If it doesn't work, there might be a bug - sorry about that!

Cool, thank you!

1BITDRAGON community » Help · Created a new topic How to pan?

I find it cool that I can zoom into the interface with the scroll wheel, but I can't find out how to pan when zoomed in. Usually I would suspect the MMB or Space+LMB. If panning doesn't exist, could it be implemented? :)

I love the NEON STRUCT universe, still waiting for a real sequel! (Title suggestion: NEON CLASS...)

Desperation Column has an awesome style, and some cool ideas - I love the evil corporats. And the oldschool robots. Got 6/8 keycards so far and even got to the top room I think

I would only criticise the balancing - the enemies are much too easy, and I only got in trouble when I didn't have ammo any more.

bloed community · Posted in Video?

This one I made as an introduction (should be visible on the page?), but I confess it's not very good. I plan to make a new one soon.

Thanks! I would probably do more updates, but there is not a lot of interest unfortunately. And I don't use it for any project right now. <_<

Unfortunately I don' really remember what I did to get stuck, I think I went to the ground floor and then tried to get back and couldn't get out of the elevator any more. Very likely I paused inside.

Thanks for the comment! The controls are definitely unusual; something like this mostly happens when one tries to combine somewhat incompatible things - in this case, FPS far-range combat, combined with turn-based gameplay on a grid. I might want to improve this though.

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Very atmospheric! Unfortunately I got stuck in the elevator, but I guess that can happen in real life too ;) Anyway, it's a very nice start, I'd like to see more! Especially since Synther won't get released it seems.

Just put it in your inventory

Unfortunately this doesn't tell me much. I guess the Unity version of Pitman is pretty outdated. Sorry for that!

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Damn, I will try to look into it. No idea how, though, I don't have a Mac. Maybe you can send me a log file of the crash?

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SPOILER: If you still don't know what the UP scroll does, try dragging it on one of the player's skills (e.g. health)...

Thanks a lot!

Nice, looks eerie and dangerous :)

Thanks for the purchase! Generally I don't recommend learning from my code, as I am self-taught and I am sure most of the stuff could be better. If you find any bugs or oddities, don't hesitate to tell me. :)

Right now I don't plan to put bloed on the Asset Store, especially as I don't know how much work that is. But yeah, first is the motto anyway!

I do

Sure! Just ask if you have any questions. Code might not be the best ;-)

I concur, I would definitely buy a full game in the same vein

Delivered the package, felt very good about it.

Hey! Depends on the runes that are written on it. There are spells that can be activated with just a click, and spells that only work by combining them with other types of cards.

Well, I think the manual is out of print. But you can try the somewhat obscure notes in the PDF that should be in the same location as the application.

Uh oh, I hope you didn't lose it?


congrats on beating the game! Thank you for playing!

I'm currently not developing this further, but maybe a different game will use the mechanic - feedback is helpful in any case :)

Awesome, that's a really nice picture!!

The problem is rather that this is made with Unity 4 and nobody uses that anymore.

Sorry to hear that. It also does have problems with the Mac version, and I have no way to find out what is going wrong. :-/ I guess I have to take the Linux version down too.