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SPOILER: If you still don't know what the UP scroll does, try dragging it on one of the player's skills (e.g. health)...

Thanks a lot!

Nice, looks eerie and dangerous :)

Thanks for the purchase! Generally I don't recommend learning from my code, as I am self-taught and I am sure most of the stuff could be better. If you find any bugs or oddities, don't hesitate to tell me. :)

Right now I don't plan to put bloed on the Asset Store, especially as I don't know how much work that is. But yeah, first is the motto anyway!

I do

Sure! Just ask if you have any questions. Code might not be the best ;-)

I concur, I would definitely buy a full game in the same vein

Delivered the package, felt very good about it.

Hey! Depends on the runes that are written on it. There are spells that can be activated with just a click, and spells that only work by combining them with other types of cards.

Well, I think the manual is out of print. But you can try the somewhat obscure notes in the PDF that should be in the same location as the application.

Uh oh, I hope you didn't lose it?


congrats on beating the game! Thank you for playing!

I'm currently not developing this further, but maybe a different game will use the mechanic - feedback is helpful in any case :)

Awesome, that's a really nice picture!!

The problem is rather that this is made with Unity 4 and nobody uses that anymore.

Sorry to hear that. It also does have problems with the Mac version, and I have no way to find out what is going wrong. :-/ I guess I have to take the Linux version down too.

Interessant, aber unverständlich

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Hey! Sorry, it was kind of a false alarm. Seems like I had to re-authenticate for the script again, even though I didn't change anything. The error at the demo was me being an idiot.

Suddenly I'm getting connection errors with my sheet; also with the example here. What could be the reason?

Thanks for the kind words.

If you're hungry you lose health

Complaining really is the new "thank you" I guess

Hey, there are two spells (magic scrolls) that help with that. First, Disarm Trap removes all traps in the current room. And second, Destroy Card can remove any card you want, including traps.

Haha thanks, and why is your avatar so weird??

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I got the same problem as the OP. The problem is that "driveConnectorRuntime" gets lost with a level reload, but "_connectionData" does not (pesky static variables! ;), so driveConnectorRuntime will be null if you use e.g. Drive.GetAllTables() on Start() again, and that throws an error. Can you please make an update so it checks if driveConnectorRuntime is null or not?

(My hack right now is to make _connectionData public and setting it to null by hand in an OnDestroy().)

Oh, and we added a dollar to the price, because of the Steam keys.

Sorry to hear that you had fun but didn't see the advantages and differences of the freelook. Overall the game is not a classic dungeon crawler, and it can be controlled with mouse only, which was the primary goal during development.

Never saw a better box quote!

Hey, thanks for playing - and the kind words!

There is only one amulet though. ;) It might be that I phrased the end text a bit wrong... In any case, more than one amulet sounds like an idea for a more endless version of the game.

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Hey, thank you for playing our little game!

Overall I understand completely where you're coming from. My problem with making the game easier is that it would make it extremely short (it has only 3 levels), and it actually was meant as a more "hardcore" retro-like challenge. That being said, I actually expected that people would make their own notes (to help with memory), and/or write in the comments what they think/know what certain cards can do.

By the way, the room effects not telling you what they are is actually a bug which I got told about only today. They should have real names like all the other cards: "Trap", "Low Ceiling", "Fountain", "Sewers". I will fix this soon.


The scrolls are magic spells, and have - depending on the runes - different effects. But usually they need a context. For example, there's a spell to hurt all monsters, but it only actually works if there is a monster. Other spells you can/must drag on other cards...

Hey, thank you very much for playing - and for the feedback! I guess we should encourage people more to make notes (e.g. on paper) for the game - like scribbling down the map, and what each potion and scroll does (if you find out). ;) The game is pretty short in general, so we wanted to enforce some kind of exploration.
Regarding the bug - interesting, never had that before. (The situation on the screenshot doesn't look unusual either.) If you or anybody encounter this again, maybe try to open the developer tools of your browser and look if there's some message in the console. If yes, I'd be happy to have a look at the error message.

Very awesome, thanks!

I love this, but it seems to be broken with Unity 2018.3 :(

Good idea, thanks!

Great! Thanks for playing!

Thank you! It was all done in Illustrator, by @RottenHedgehog!

And for the bending of the road I wrote a messy shader that rotates each vertex around three axes.

<3 <3 <3

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Thank you. Comments like this are the reason I want to continue making games.

Is there a Steam key included with the purchase?

Oh, strange that it worked for me last time I tested it... I'll re-upload the game on itch.