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Really loved 'I am Overburdened' and this scratches the same sort of itch.

Really hope I get to pay for this or expanded version of this in the future.


Although I already own the PC version, I wanted to pick it up for Android too but the link to the  Google Play store is dead (at least in Australia). 

Did the Android version get removed for some reason? 

I would quite like to pay money for a downloadable version of this. 

Always nice to see more 'sokoban adventure' type games being done.

Really hope this project gets revisited, really enjoyed Seek Etyliv and would love to play more of this more 'dungeon crawl' adventures of square block with eyes, they are a surprisingly good character.


I have tried a couple of times to send a payment for this, but PayPal keeps giving me an 'unable to process your payment at this time' error, don't know if it is something on my end, but I paid a different dev minutes before, so maybe check if your settings are okay.

Berzerk is a massive favourite, so I really want to pay for what looks like a quality homage.

I would like to purchase this seeing as it isn't live on Steam despite the release time passing, but you there doesn't seem to be a way to buy it from this page as you have no PayPal ability.

Hi, Rat King

The Windows links returns this:

File not found

Sorry, that file doesn’t live here anymore. It might have been moved or made private.

Hi, Rat King

Just finished playing through Solitune on Steam & enjoyed it, which reminded me about this game & its dead links; is there any chance you will release this game properly on Itch or re-host it on dropbox? It looks pretty interesting.

Definitely looking forward to paying money for this.

I bought it from IndieGameStand when it went on sale this weekend, but it seemed like they only have a Leave A Review section, not comments & I felt comments section was more appropriate for my needs.

Okay, I'll try doing the fight as intended. As I'm testing a speedrun route, I had just run around the bosses into the loading trigger, which seems to work fine for the first 2 bosses, it'd be a weird glitch for just the third boss to be effected; it's almost as if the screen becomes extreme right justified when the loading trigger loads the next scene, although if it is just meant to load the end cutscene, I don't understand why I'm able to fire but it might be in context when I eventually see what is occurring on the screen.

What is meant to happen after the Nosferatu fight?

The screen goes black & on the very far right of the screen I can just make out the edge of the Score text. I can fire & eventually I Feel Good starts playing but the game seems broken at this point.

That was quite well done.

Hope you guys release paid stuff in the future, I'd have paid money for this.