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This game is really cute! I like the music and the look, and it's satisfying to grow a large garden. I noticed it had some balancing issues though and I'm not sure if they're intentional.

Might I suggest a change in the buying price of seeds and/or the selling price of potions? The cost for creating most potions is usually over double their selling price. For example, the Potion of Flames sells for $20 but requires 5 $10 Fire Flowers to create, meaning you've spent $50 making it. Growth I and II cost $100 and $300 to create, but only sell for $40 and $150, respectively. The only viable way to make money is by exclusively planting Hydroangeas (which is a clever name btw) because they're free to grow.

I enjoyed this game a lot, but it became hard to keep playing when I realized I'd have to plant a bunch of the same plant for half an hour in order to progress. Each of the plants have their own charm and I'd love to have incentive to plant a bunch of them all!


I suppose maybe the How To Play sections doesn't make this clear enough, but you're able to right click fully grown plants and instead of havesting them, they'll turn into 2x (or more if you're lucky) seeds.

This way as soon as you've bought one plant, if you're patient enough, you don't really ever have to buy more of them.

Thanks alot for the nice comment :D I'd definitely recommend giving itt a go again with this new information tho, it should make the game a lot less "grindy".


Ooh jeez yeah, I didn't realize that there were multiple ways to interact with the plants. That's on me. Thank you for the clarification! I'm excited to get to see the late-game plants :)

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I came here to suggest lower prices as well, so thank you for this post, it really helped.