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gosh this is disturbing but I really love it

Ooh jeez yeah, I didn't realize that there were multiple ways to interact with the plants. That's on me. Thank you for the clarification! I'm excited to get to see the late-game plants :)

This game is really cute! I like the music and the look, and it's satisfying to grow a large garden. I noticed it had some balancing issues though and I'm not sure if they're intentional.

Might I suggest a change in the buying price of seeds and/or the selling price of potions? The cost for creating most potions is usually over double their selling price. For example, the Potion of Flames sells for $20 but requires 5 $10 Fire Flowers to create, meaning you've spent $50 making it. Growth I and II cost $100 and $300 to create, but only sell for $40 and $150, respectively. The only viable way to make money is by exclusively planting Hydroangeas (which is a clever name btw) because they're free to grow.

I enjoyed this game a lot, but it became hard to keep playing when I realized I'd have to plant a bunch of the same plant for half an hour in order to progress. Each of the plants have their own charm and I'd love to have incentive to plant a bunch of them all!