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this looks like fun! will there be a version that will run on the current MacOS?

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PSA: The current version works but unfortunately there is a bug (i think with Itch io) where a spesific file needed to make applications work is set as a text file instead of an executable I found this in some other games here is a short guide I made for anyone who wants it

credit to @jeremychu for this as this is just a streamlined version of what he says to do without so much terminal use

Note: The chmod +x command modifies the file and tells your mac that it is supposed to be executed like an app instead of read like a text file. The file we are modifying is the one the app uses to launch but it is not properly marked as executable so thats all we are doing here.  

step 1: find the app in finder

Step 2: Right click or ctrl click on app and click show package contents

step 3: the last step should bring up a folder labeled "Contents" within that open the "MacOS" folder you should see a file labeled something like Orion Trail the icon should look like a white peace of paper

Step 4 open terminal and type "chmod +x "(note the space after x) drag the file we just found into the terminal window and then hit enter it should look something like this [chmod +x stuff/stuff/stuff/stuff/Orion Trail] 

Step 5 The file should turn black and have the terminal icon this means its fixed navigate back to where you started on step 1 open the file like a normal itch io game and enjoy

If you dont know how to open it or its not working after this the next steps are for you otherwise your done.

Step 6 right click on app and click open it will give you a popup that this is downloaded from the internet hit "ok"

Step 7 right click again and click open it will give you another popup. click "open" on the popup.

Wow, maxybaer123! That's a lot of detailed steps! Are you an asteroid? Cause you rock!

We're really sorry you couldn't get the game to work on the current MacOS, moehong. Unfortunately, our scanners don't pick up any major updates coming to the game anytime soon... I blame the Redshirts.
With that said, hopefully maxybaer123's little guide can help in the meantime.

You're a gem among commenters. Thank you!