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Awesome! Can I keep my save file?

got it thanks!!

Not sure this is still supported but I've maxed out everything and I still can't win that objective.

I've chosen a side, built a coupla dozen fighters, maxed out my command post and most of the other buildings, but I still can't complete that first mission of getting my command post to level 3. What gives?

this looks like fun! will there be a version that will run on the current MacOS?

I got it as part of the bundle but no matter how I nav to this page I see no download button or link :(

BTW these graphics are FANTASTIC

Yep. Also having the game save its state would be good. I accidentally reloaded the page and when I came back I had lost hours and hours of grinding so gave up :/

Being able to win healing potions or skill refreshes in the dungeon might make it a little more varied.