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Just finished the game :D I got Sixte first, then the twins, then the merman. Man... the first choice and I already got a bad end, which was quite a shock, I tried to be really careful about the choices from that point. About the last choice for the merman, I got kinda confused and tried reloading the choices prior to the last and I kinda forgot about the timer :P But yeah, eventually got it, so... YAY! The writing is good, the bachelors are eccentric, which that makes the whole game fun and enjoyable :D almost all of Sixte's dialogues made me laugh :) The mc's are different this time (per character), no qualms about those. The art is fluffy as ever <3 Chibi dwawings awe adowable :3 I like how amiralo has drawn the bachelors in this game. Her style of art adds something to their character, which proves why visuals are important for every sim date ;) The ENDING (after getting all 3 good endings), unexpected plus it gives the overall game (aside from the gore from the bad/worst endings) an eerie feeling that there really is something happe... WHOOPS! I think I've said enough :P For all those who haven't played, I really recommend playing this game :D The answers are a little obvious so, I think it won't be too hard :D


Ahh yes, the merman's final choice. His ending is the only "tricky" one hahahaha. I feel like a broken record at this point, but I am honestly glad when anyone enjoys my stories! And I'm pretty sure Amiralo feels the same when people say how much they love her art!

(And yes, obvious answers are obvious. XDD So pure otome lovers can enjoy a non-horror ride with no worries. =P)