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A member registered Apr 25, 2017

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Just finished the game :D I got Sixte first, then the twins, then the merman. Man... the first choice and I already got a bad end, which was quite a shock, I tried to be really careful about the choices from that point. About the last choice for the merman, I got kinda confused and tried reloading the choices prior to the last and I kinda forgot about the timer :P But yeah, eventually got it, so... YAY! The writing is good, the bachelors are eccentric, which that makes the whole game fun and enjoyable :D almost all of Sixte's dialogues made me laugh :) The mc's are different this time (per character), no qualms about those. The art is fluffy as ever <3 Chibi dwawings awe adowable :3 I like how amiralo has drawn the bachelors in this game. Her style of art adds something to their character, which proves why visuals are important for every sim date ;) The ENDING (after getting all 3 good endings), unexpected plus it gives the overall game (aside from the gore from the bad/worst endings) an eerie feeling that there really is something happe... WHOOPS! I think I've said enough :P For all those who haven't played, I really recommend playing this game :D The answers are a little obvious so, I think it won't be too hard :D