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Hey, thanks for your reply! :)

It does not seem to be related to the post processing, and most players wont even notice - it looks as if the anti-aliasing is "smoothing out" some of the details out of the geometry/foliage. It's something i've noticed in many unreal 4 games (Paragon, PUBG) and can be solved by oversampling.!ApNPWeCf8vP6jfNMZ8Gaa1JAQvpVmA

I've taken some screenshots for comparison: One is full AA with no post and second one is no AA with full post - especially look at the "cables" between the building and the foliage in the background.

By no way this is a dealbreaker - it's just a minor annoyance ;)

Fascinating -- yes, I believe that's the temporal AA in UE4. I'll kick this around our engineering team and see what can be done.