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Question... Is it possible to complete a Level 8 and not gain 100%

Just got through 08 YELLOW and got 82%, whereas the previous level 8's all gained 100% for completing, or as the difficulty is increasing are there multiple ways through the 'boss' level? Therefore to complete in itself does not guarantee a yellow star and 100% ?

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Actually, level 8's are built so that you are supposed to end with 100% every time. So if you got 82%, that would be a bug. I will look into that and see what I find. Thank you for pointing it out!

Also, since the level 8 design is randomized, the next time you do the level, it'll have a different layout and may allow you to get 100%. So if you try it again, you can unlock the permanent color aura for yellow. 👍🏻

Edit: I just looked into it, and I was able to find the bug. It'll be fixed in the next upload. Sorry about that. 🤦🏻‍♂️

A new build has been uploaded with this Yellow 08 bug fixed. Grab the most recent version and you should be able to get 100% now!! 💥