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Question... Is it possible to complete a Level 8 and not gain 100%

Just got through 08 YELLOW and got 82%, whereas the previous level 8's all gained 100% for completing, or as the difficulty is increasing are there multiple ways through the 'boss' level? Therefore to complete in itself does not guarantee a yellow star and 100% ?

Not a bother.

One final, but different issue on 06RED. You get stuck in an infinite loop of going up and down at the location shown in the following screen grab. You must kill the game to recover from this one. I'm sure you can determine location easily based on what is to the right of the image.

- Kieron

Another similar issue in 06 RED. You get stuck in the position shown below.

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Hi, just want to report a bug I found in the linux version of the latest release (0.4.84). In level 06 RED when you are in the position shown in the attached screenshot it is impossible to go right. You move to the right and it is as though the auto-move is still in operation from the previous square/arrow. You are immediately thrown left. You must restart the level.

Other than that minor (simple to fix?) issue all good. Nice game. Keep up the good work.

- Kieron