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This was really excellent! I adored the overall texture of the house in all aesthetic senses and the writing was adorable, I liked having you respawn in your old bedroom rather than anywhere else quite a bit even if it could be a bit of a jog (putting the second hardest boss right next to it helps a lot lol).

The fighting was really cool - the mechanics weren't too hard to learn but had just the right about of sticky static nature to them to be difficult to fit in sometimes. Duessa was particularly troublesome because of all the spinny shapes forcing you to use diagonal leaps constantly, which are the easiest to mess up imo. Exciting final boss. I loved the way the book about the dog made me afraid that we were gonna have to fight it as a boss and then it turned out it was just a little buppy. Great game!

Will Aria live forever until killed too?


thank u for the thoughtful review !! aria's fate will remain unknown until someone makes a fan sequel from the source code. whatever they decide i'll call canon