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We are all trapped, I think, in a box that extends to the edges of our head. It is linked to the land of infinite possibility (Or is it?) but in the end, we are all weighed down by memories, aren't we? It's a little sad. But is it, really, if we're this close to the world of the infinite? Even if the infinite doesn't exist, we can still think about it through our memories, right? I wonder if we'll ever really be free. I am sorry too.

Pretty neat. There's an amusing sort of bluntness to any sort of discussion of violence, murder, et cetera, that often gets seen in "black comedy" and the like. The intersection between very serious and "I can't believe this is happening right now!" that always lies within painful realities. This story hits exactly that point. It's a form of existence quite well suited to the monologue; after all, the reader has no power to actually affect the culprit except progressing or denying the story, so we are, in many ways, chained to the floor without mouth or limb. Ironically, every story is more or less like this, fictional entities speaking to us in an almost perverse sense, rambling to our prone form while we sit here taking it.

This story isn't exactly funny - but it's funny that the culprit chats in such an almost matter of fact way with us - the comedy of awkwardness, I suppose. After all, a grizzled predator wouldn't even think twice, or perhaps would only act so as to enjoy manipulation of the prey's feelings. In fact, for all we know this is, in universe, a play - a person who has killed a great many times putting on a show just for the amusement of watching someone squirm and writhe in the hopes that they may still be freed. Murderers often enjoy the glimpse of freedom in someone's eyes, some enjoy total submission, others the crushing of hope, which requires some in the first place. It's quite difficult to tell, isn't it?

The ending is open-ended, but is it really? It's exciting, right?

Here are my names for every floor.

1 - THE TOWER (1)
2 - the broken one's hallway (1)
3 - in the park
4 - read with the kitty
5 - read forever
6 - dining room table
7 - kitty cat
8 - the tree?
9 - brickshapes
10 - a nice place (?)
11 - the lamps
12 - denial
13 - where is he
14 - the pet rocks
15 - better than home
16 - me and my puppy
17 - sad grove (1)
18 - ice cream
19 - the library
20 - stained glass
21 - the looping escapee
22 - the liar
23 - the twin stones
24 - the bone ponderers
25 - hanging out
26 - minesweeper
27 - the scarecrow
28 - the garden
29 - childhood dreams
30 - fenced
31 - i can see my house from here
32 - research
33 - welcome to the bathroom
34 - the menagerie
35 - renovations
36 - free, the ruined room
37 - the midnight witch
38 - green shoal
39 - pink shoal
40 - ran out of water
41 - the beach
42 - hopeful
43 - the exhausted travelers
44 - vampires
45 - free, mermaid
46 - picasso
47 - the prisoner
48 - spooky
49 - the cooler party (some day)
50 - the party
51 - the outcasts
52 - cow
53 - just one more
54 - cuppatea
56 - hall of spades
57 - interred
58 - the gremlin
59 - the snake
60 - gone batty
61 - smartest guy here
62 - pink bedroom
63 - false exploit
64 - magic show
65 - trash creatures
66 - key to nowhere
67 - it's time
68 - the obsessed
69 - the great and honorable council of highrollers
70 - solitary person
71 - found the frogs
72 - bird's house
73 - a bit too ecstatic
74 - pinker grove
75 - less pink grove
76 - the chill corpse
77 - the travelers
78 - free, battle to the death
79 - thomas the tank engine
80 - lonely
81 - out of luck
82 - the first bridge
83 - the second bridge
84 - THE TOWER (2)
85 - the broken one's hallway (2)
86 - sad grove (2)
87 - empty workyard
88 - free, gravesite
89 - just a rock
90 - free, dipper
91 - rapunzel
92 - stairmaker
93 - dice to drink
94 - resting place
95 - face
96 - moon
97 - free, poor yorick's bricks
98 - house
99 - the great hall of dice
100 - thinking

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I went ahead and did the whole tower going down. It turns out that it's actually a lot easier to go down, because if you fail a roll you start at the lower staircase of a previous floor, letting you go down 2 floors without having to roll again. At first it's rather confusing, but it makes sense. You don't get anything for going down afterwards, though.

This is particularly helpful because the exploit seems like it'd become exhausting past floor 11 going down - I don't know if the moment the first digit appears it'd be locked in and autosaved or if you'd have the chance to THINK you rolled a 1 but it was really an 11 or something. Either way, because you never have to double roll going down, it's easy to descend by simply looping back and forth and bashing your head against a single random number.

At first I thought that we'd be trapped in the tower, because the first rock obviously is impossible to fail (the lowest roll is 1, it passes on 1+) but I suppose that either way it would have disappeared regardless. However, since you start at the beginning of each floor when descending after a failed roll, you just need to fail the roll in floor 2 anyway (the hardest roll in the game, because floor 99 works with either 99 or 100) and you'll make it down.

I went ahead and turned the vfx back on a few times out of curiosity. The vfx seem to get much worse as you go higher, to a startling degree, along with probably the music effects? It's pretty interesting.

My favorite floors are: 99, 96, 93, 90, 88, the 81-83 complex, 78, 76, 69, 61, 58, 49, 45, 40, 37, 34, 33, 32, 24, 22, 20, 14, 11, 8, and 2.
It reminds me of laddering on a competitive game.

Well, I made it to 100, thanks to the pause / savescum glitch people mentioned earlier on. It's interesting, I feel like the design must have been intentional in that regard, because the game is still very tricky when taking advantage of it once you get past around floor 75. You have only a very short time to pause it before you get autosave locked into going up or down, and then at very high levels the period is even shorter. Past 89 you have this problem where if you pause with the first digit presented, you don't really have enough time to repause and you don't know if it's actually higher than your current number or not. Sometimes you roll a single digit, too, and it ends early so if you were timing to pause after two digits it's too late and you have to go back down. It's pretty interesting how that works.

I had to turn the VFX off because they make the savescum glitch much more difficult, but even without that you still have the crazy room glitching that randomly can remove stair or put rocks in front of you. On the last floor even I ceased to exist after a while.

Of course, the game is secretly fairly kind in a manner of speaking, in that it provides you with free floors - there's several scattered through that don't have a required roll at all, especially in the last fourth. You can never be forced to go back down through a floor without a required roll, because you can always just go back up from there. So it's sort of like a save system. Still, the middle floors were agonizing enough to try fairly, so I can't imagine that it actually makes things much easier when you're trying to get very low numbers in a row like the 90s. The nature of floors 93 and 99 makes them easier than you might expect, but I think the hardest part of the game is probably the path from 94-96, where you have to get 3 minuscule percents in a row. I haven't tried going back down yet, which may be even harder. The most obnoxious floors are probably 58 and 59, which you'll be seeing a lot of, due to their winding nature.

My favorite characters are the guy trying to build his own staircase, fell off the bridge, the duel to the death, the height researcher, the person trying to start a cooler party on floor 49, and most of all, the old guy who supposedly does the tower twice each morning. I like to believe he exists.

The thing at the end is interesting, I suppose. Rather unique. I wonder if the tower itself is alive?

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I had this occur on floor 81 while performing the pause reset exploit to get past the 60s, I feel like it's probably a random chance.

This is quite interesting, what tool did you use to make it? I like the not numbers and the crazy arm effects. The animation looks super cool on the legs and the sound design is obviously top notch. I like how you just float in the hellish void if you fall until the timer mercifully lets you give up.

It is based on a game called Brandish! Check around 4:00

Gardens of Vextro: Renaissance

Just wanted to toss in a quick note for anyone who plays my game: RPGMaker controls with the arrow keys and z and x. You can hold shift to run. If nothing seems to be doing anything, just keep going north. Stay safe...

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I wouldn't say they're scary, but they may have disturbing themes or relate to life experiences you're not familiar with at your age. None of them are designed to shock or scare, so to speak, but some of them are rather "adult" in theme. There's many elements like death and regret, which you'll have to make your own decision regarding.

I think it would be a bit difficult to do that for the whole work specifically because some of the games use materials we're not allowed to use commercially, and also because we don't have any plan for splitting the funds if we did get money that way. But some of us do have individual donation pages, like how I have a Bandcamp and so on.

very nice. i liked the assassins and the map

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As a tester for this game I can't recommend it enough. Absolutely wonderful action gameplay with a great variety of set-pieces, really cool bosses, beautiful beyond beautiful art design, very nice writing, etc, etc. This may look like a Contra-like, but it's a game with its very own design ideals and structure that make it a truly unique creation. Great stuff. There are also Romans in it. Happy freakin' pride month

That was hardcore... When the Elfoverlord sent me to Elf Prison I was super worried, but I was surprised at the sudden appearance of... well, don't worry. We can just leave that one to the mysteries...

This was really amazing! I loved the writing and I think you managed to convey the emotions contained within in a very real way. I did get a little confused at first before realizing I could pick up the items, but other than that, I had a great time wandering about and listening. The triple dialogue boxes that were often really one were interesting, and I loved the characters that would say a variety of things as you talked to them more while you wandered around lost. The spaces in particular were excellent - you really got the feeling of it being an actual place while also feeling like a totally unreal fiction in others. The rooms in particular were exciting and interesting to reach. I hope everything's going ok, thank yuo so much for making this game! Gonna try the other endings soon! I got Stele.

I thought that was quite well-reasoned. I believe that, in general, people get caught under not only their general tendency to be worried about sexuality due to a variety of societal influences (especially if raised in a conservative household) but also because they're uncertain of what it really means to pay attention to boundaries - the boundaries that matter are the ones that apply in our life interacting with other people directly, whereas what's considered acceptable in something one makes are quite different and much more arbitrary. That's where the urge to not make what /you/ want becomes so awkward and comes in - the urge to self-censor for the sake of success or something. Of course, if you want to make something lots of people will enjoy and won't dismiss on principle, or to try to convince people who aren't like you, there's a certain value to figuring out what people will "let down their defenses" around and try to interact with earnestly - but it's important to remember that just because people will often be dismissive about stuff doesn't mean you can't communicate with people who'll get a lot out of it by being totally earnest. And self-censoring oneself to try to get those people who'd dismiss you is more likely to mean you've weakened your creation into something not even you like for the sake of people who might not even glance at it anyway. It's important to be honest with one's self.

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Ahhhh, but you see, watching you struggle in a situation that's just barely possible is how they have fun. Let me tell you, there are no statues in this pit that the Gorgons did not leave there on purpose.

The eat the rest.


I have not eaten in 2 days. There is ample water, but the cold gaze of my captors leaves no flesh to consume, no meat to grasp.  I know that there is nothing to fear so long as I possess the power of Undo, but that does not change the horrid gnawing I experience each time I lock eyes with one of their number, that chilling feeling of one's bones locking in their sockets, one's skin turning crusty and rough, one's gaze inexorable trapped in the clamp that has claimed so many desperate souls. I am lucky enough to have a means of escape from that worst of fates, and yet still I remain huddled here, paralyzed by indecision.

It is not truly the petrification that kills the heart and mind in the gorgon's nest. No, a gorgon kills you twice, last with eyes, but first with fear. I have seen no bones, no corpses, but I am certain there must have been others like me here too, others were sat curled up in a corner, too afraid to take another step or even raise their heads to look. Perhaps they eat them, moving silently in the dark when there are none there to witness it, when night falls and they become the rulers of this earth once again. This is their labyrinth, after all, and the lab rat's path must always be clean. Alas, I have lost all drive to go on. This last nest shall be my grave.

To any fellow pitiable fools who find themselves caught in this piercing snare, I leave to you my advice. I can only hope the heads find reason enough to leave my notebook amongst the detritus, even as they remove my corpse.

1. You may think of yourself as an expert in analysing stone blocks, but there is an additional hurdle within this realm. Remember: A head that faces one direction can never be pushed from that side. Through analysis of this fact, the possible number of objects to place upon each goal becomes clear. The power of statues is to be moved in all directions, so long as the room they are present in is not lined with inescapable glare. If you have access to one with room to use it, then it may be integral to pull it away as a shield before returning it to its place.

2. If you too possess the power of Undo, as I once did, you must not be afraid to trap yourself in one timeline. If you can undo the passage of time and see that which was hidden, you will fear no trap, for it will be obvious to you. Do not be afraid to push heads and blocks to determine what lies under them, for it is integral to understand if a goal is lurking only to be revealed when you feel triumphant, ruining your plan. Similarly, if you willingly create an insoluble problem early on, it can allow you invaluable time to experiment with a later part of the puzzle. Finding a solution for the end and then working backwards to how to create that situation is a valuable tool.

3. Solving a Gorgon's Puzzle eventually becomes a game of cutting off options. You must eventually leave yourself with one means of escape, shielded only for one last move. You cannot be afraid to experiment with arrangements that may one day trap you. Solving within your mind is risky and will leave you staring deep into a gaze you forgot to consider. Just move ahead with confidence. Do not become paralyzed in fear, as I have, for the greatest defeat comes from giving up. There is no going back. The only out is forwards.

...I think I have had enough of this paralysis. I will not let myself go as a miserable sack of bones, discarded in a forgotten corner. I am sure this conviction will come across as nothing more than enjoyable madness to my captors, but I see it as the one eay I can strike back. If there is truly no hope for me, then perhaps I can at least be of use to you as a shield

Please, don't give up.

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This was a nice little platformer metroidvaniathingamajig, just some really good energy all the way through. I enjoyed slashing things up and continuing Corris's quest to get those Elves out of a mysterious overlord's hands...

After playing through the whole game I can safely say, truly Corris is the chad we've been waiting for

...Ok I've only done one ending so I don't know what happens in the others sorry

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That was really neat! I think you painted an interesting example of a totally alternate world that still had some cool connections to the original, and the purple statements were quite well synthesized. My friend was able to figure it out on their second try with the help of the system. Sadly, I didn't quite get it and had to end up cheating by reading through the script file eventually, I enjoyed looking through the data though and the eventual solution was fairly ingenious (and very traditional). The minigame was particularly amusing, even if it ended up being what I had to just use a hint for.

I had an alternate theory for the second scenario that I thought made sense, and then ended up with a set up for the third scenario based on the purples, but overall there was just no way to get it to work with the first case without some serious contrivance or wordplay. I'm a bit sad I wasn't able to solve it myself, but I did fill up a good ten or twenty pages with notes and spend a few hours staring at it, so I definitely gave it the good college try. It's the sort of one where even though I'm sad I like how the actual result ends up and I at least guessed at a few parts of it myself. Good job, excellent game board. I might drop my theories on your twitter release post.

I also found it really funny to run into the "goddammit battler" option in the code while I was trawling through it, it was actually really close to a theory I myself had at some point but ran into flaws while trying to execute because I hadn't thought about the potential for jams. Of course, any such theory would probably fall apart in the second case I think, but it was worth a try.

I thought the frame plot was maybe a bit melodramatic, but at the same time, it was quite novel and interesting.  And I mean, this is Umineko we're talking about, we all read Ep 4, melodrama is the name of the game amirite? The stuff in the hints was really cool and a fun little conversation with the author, and the final ending was pretty intriguing. Do not, my friends, become addicted to sugar.

I noticed a few examples of what I'm pretty sure are typos, if you'd like I could send you their specific locations so you can fix them up at your leisure. I'm sure that being a 1.0 version they're quick and dirty stuff you'll get rid of yourself soon enough, but I thought I'd offer nonetheless.

The visual effects were quite good, and I enjoyed a lot of the Ren'py work done to make it function. I've been working on my own Umineko fanwork in Ren'py lately (just a fantasy one because I've always been kinda middling at mysteries, mind you), and it was really cool seeing everything you did. The tiny frame was a really interesting visual choice, I'm a bit curious about why you went with it. It looks great with the bigger effects! As a fellow Umi fan writer, I'm happy to see Yomotsu Hirasaka and Prison STRIP getting more appearances, I hope to use them myself as well.

Overall, quite an awesome little story, it must have taken a lot of effort. Thanks for sharing it!

Maybe downloading this one wasn't as free as it first appeared...

A super awesome work. The seal is truly merciful. I wish I wasn't so cold right now, but I think I got what I asked for.

This is an interesting little tool, I like the additional strategy of the double game. For those curious, you can see what the words were when you fail by clicking "share"

it changes the word if you replay

You can see what they are if you click "share", it'll come up like this.

Dordle X&4/7 SKIMP&EARTH

⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜ 🟨🟨🟨⬜🟨 TRACE

⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜ 🟨⬜🟨🟨🟨 ALERT

⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜ 🟩🟩🟨⬜🟨 EATER

⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜ 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 EARTH

⬜⬜🟩⬜⬜ ⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛ OUIJA

🟩🟨🟩⬜⬜ ⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛ SPITS

🟩🟩🟩⬜⬜ ⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛ SKINK

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Glorious! Fascinating! Sickening! Foul!

The labyrinth beckons! It sings in four colors? Or five? Or six? No, I think it was five. But there is a sixth color, so very small, and a fifth color, also so very small, and - well, it's /mostly/ four.

I live in the walls, and yet I have only ten. How can anyone escape with only ten? There are two more, but where do they hide? I burrow. I burrow. I seek. I find. My map screams its own colors, I think, but it is wrong. It cannot be wrong. This place - it is not a place, but let us pretend, for sake of argument, that it is a place - just as your eyes do not see things, but light reflected from things, the false surrounding. Were there to be something that produced fake light, it could make you believe in fake things, just as you see this text, unreal, it is not a place, or a thing. You are a thing, though. Or are you? If you can read this, you are a person, not a thing. Is a person a thing? Is a thing a thing? Is a thing a person? Can we see a person as a thing? What about a thing as a person? What


a relic? Is that a thing? Is that a person? Perhaps it is a person thing.

Your lymph nodes are showing?

There are maggots here and there is much life, just as there is much death. Life and death are sort of different things, you see, but here they're juxtaposed, just as they are in my world. It is nice to be surrounded by life, even if that life feeds on death. It is sad to die, but sad to live too. Then again, we are all free to wander this earth, but we are not free, are we, for there is only one time, hmm? Nevertheless, I feel no sorry, for if I must breed maggots, I am glad someone else too will enjoy that which was once mine, and make use of it, and live a little while. In a place, perhaps.

There is a red shrine that lives in the dark, where the camera rotates to see. You might think there one gray, but there are really two - seven colors? Hmm. Triangles, you see, and guides nonetheless.

A video game is an assemblage of slides - not a person, or a place, or a thing, or a record of real events, but a collection of images and text and music depicted and glued into your brain. My, my, my, am I lost in a maze again? This isn't a maze. It's a collection of screens. You just connected them, didn't you, with a staple, and super glue, and what knows else? These corpses, you looked so carefully after them, defining each pixel, assigning each worm its due its duty. Is that not beautiful? Is that not gorgeous? Were my corpse to be rendered in such a way, I would be eternally grateful. But alas, we continue.

I see it, I see it, ye Secrert Zone. Congartulation to me, but this is no relic, just a corner, a lymph storage emptiness pit of janitorial sadness. The stone face grimaces, and all I can do is stare back at the neon floor. I return to the abandoned tobira and beg the machine for answers, my pitiful form silent and unyielding even in its admission of defeat. For my sake, the machine says nothing crude, unjudging, it dispenses a rendition, a location, a coordinate. I notice it names a color, a color, are there real colors here? Perhaps I shall receive a color, a true number of colors. Six, five, four, three, how many have names? If they have names, they must be real, even if this place is not, hmm? West of the mask, of course, of course, how could I not see this this false rabbit, this fake eared thing? How dare you look at me like that after all the trouble I went to find you. I will not have this. Stop it. Was this always here? I swear these Xs, they were false. Did you trick me? Have I no eyes? Hidden. I see.

The last one, it tells me, hides in the land of the egg. So that is an egg? I knew not. What could have hatched from it. The glass is not broken, and yet the egg is free. How could this happen? Explain in 20 words or less. I find it. I don't find it. How could I find it when I was told? But it is another floor pattern. Of course. How could I be so blind. Blinded by purple. The fifth color? The sixth color? Nevertheless, I have it. You thought you could hide away? Such a pretty, meaningless room. Truly the stupidest, organ man. I do not open myself. You hid from me, and it would have worked, just like that rabbit. I have failed to find you. But it matters not. Because the machine took pity upon me. It screams open, doesn't it?

Why did we make this place? What a waste of all things. To become a silly relic. No one even here to find me. Perhaps you can pick me up? I can still speak, at least. Do they speak to each other, I wonder, in my pocket, behind my back? They knew each other, some, or perhaps we all knew each other, once? You are inactive, machine, but why? Who made you, why do you help me? I have so many questions. I need your help. I'm scared, machne. I can feel it on the other side. I can feel it. Shall I go back?

No. I must proceed.

The world breaks. I cannot escape. I restart. I must try again. I can do it this time.

This cyan place grinds like a wretched stove. It is so pitiful and dead, I think. But it has a certain majesty to it, in that it is a defined location, where objects exist to rot and be reborn. The other places are nothing but receptacles, shapeless and filled, yet here we see a wonderful wondrous empty disgusting place of steel and color and things breaking free. Is it glorious to be flooded? Yes, for it means there was once something to protect. Now it is broken, but still, we will remember it. Yet why the door? What is the door? Am I afraid? No. We will see.

This green realm is a dumping ground, so full of life, and yet, so cluttered and empty. I like it, but then, I do not. Skree skree yourself, good child of the water! I have freed us from the puddle! Just kidding, we're walking back in. Sorry. At least the maggots and flies ate well, in the empty, endless world of life and things. A shame it had nothing fun to watch on TV. Just eyes and eyes and time and things. It did not collect relics. I wonder why? Did it ever see one? They are just here.... Or maybe it was longer, before they rolled free.

I will not speak of the wonderful idea of the sideways realm. Dolor knows what it did. It is too gorgeous for here. I will not stand it. I will not see. I light the candelabra anyway.

It is definitely your fault, lymph node lady. Freedom, if it is real, we shall see. I ignore your annoying books, your foolish studies. Four colors? EVERYONE KNOWS THERE AREN'T FOUR COLORS. HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT? Stop crying, Maggot-head. It takes more than a Secrert to matter to me.

Why did the heart shape stop? It lies, sleeping, and I feel bad for it. Is it dead, or not? Can it die? No wonder Esche lays here, near her old friend's tomb. She will no longer speak with me. Such pretty vines. Are they steel, or silver? Are they alive? Or silly? Nothing is fine, Anguish.

The worm maze. Okay, DE SADE, let us free you from this Bastille. I know how to escape here. You go left. You go left through the wall and enter the circle. It just takes a little while. I'll get there eventually. I remember, you see. Did you change the walls when I left? I don't think you did... but... Yes, I remember this time. I've made it before. You could not trap me, warden. Down, right, up, and to the left, and there we are again. Freedom, I see.

Eleven. Whoever did I forget? Ah, Zwei, my ever faithful piece - You laugh for now, but I think soon, none of us will be.

DirectPlay Will not fail me this time. The gate opens. Let's see it. Let's see. Look not at me, gazing wall. Judge me not, maw in the dark. Empty triangle. Triangle again. The blessed walls of steel. I pass by the vat of empty prepared life, unneeded, unfree. Perhaps it will be destroyed, or it will live on, ahead of me? The machine has nothing to say, this time. I cheated. I broke  free.

Oh dear.

Well, uh, you guys wanna go get some Taco Bell?

I found this very interesting. I will need to play the game to develop a better understanding but everything is certainly evocative - superb art design on the pdf.

That was excellent! I loved how different each segment felt from previous ones to create a gorgeous whole, it's like just the best part of a shmup. My favorite bit was the rocket barrage, but every segment had its own charms, and I loved all the ridiculous jokes like at the end of the fire segment.

And of course, the Higurashi SFX.

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That was interesting. I've usually avoided this type of hack but I'm a pretty heavy supporter of the idea of trying to find interesting aspects in anything people create, so it's cool to see you've found such interesting angles in a medium like this. It's not at all the same sort of thing, but I'm curious if you'd enjoy the confusing art in CHIKO's Luckyman Rockman hacks.

I suspect that in general these cases of heavy "boy's club" "alt-right-y" type media filling the fields are the tragic results of marketing, unfair societal policies on who gets access to technology and support in doing so, and the simple realities of highly aggressive technological communities. I remember I essentially left the chiptune community entirely because it was too close to people I felt uncomfortable being near due to their right wing views. It upsets me a lot to think about how even today so many of these things are barely changing. I hope some day there's a more egalitarian world in these fields - it makes me sad to think of all the things that have brought me joy that essentially are forced into being straight white male zones because of shit communities or policies, when they really don't have any inherent reason they'd have to be.

I appreciated the art design and writing for this a lot. Good job. Also intriguing to think about using MV for expressing ideas in this form, I'd never considered doing that before.

Thanks for making it.

Hey! I've been experimenting with the free version and am planning to upgrade to Premium once I have a project to work on, but since all the comments seem to be tech support questions I thought I'd leave you a comment talking about how amazing this is! The amount of effort you've invested on it is amazing and it looks so good in all the trials I've done with it, thank you so much for creating the superb tool!!


They may be gone but they'll always live on in our memory

I loved this so much I went back and recorded a video ! I included Higu quotes for effect.

I've been really enjoying this game so far - the level design has been entertaining and the Act 1 bosses for each area have generally been fun ideas. I particularly enjoyed Gene Gadget. Right now I'm stuck on the Panic Puppet Act 1 boss, which is... troublesome... but perhaps I'll eventually get around to completing it. Flying segments are always really rough...

I have a few suggestions:

- For the switch in Gene Gadget Act 1, it might more clearly convey how it works if it played sound effects to indicate it was on a timer, akin to Sandopolis zone's grind blocks. I couldn't figure it out and had to time out for one death because I wasn't sure if I missed a pathway or something.

- For Panic Puppet zone Act 1, I feel like it might be served by a mild timer extension of some sort: I enjoy the level design, but feel like I'm forced to rush through and ignore it all by the fact that the fight takes so long to do.

Anyway, so far, really enjoying it!

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Hey, I really enjoyed this one! One thing I liked about it was that it felt kinda alive - things like the Palfly meant that rather than just a direct progression of ability to ability it sometimes felt like you were losing stuff too. I liked that the PH blocks were sort of a trick and not actually the next item.

Having the two different jumps, one of which is usually too short and one of which is usually too tall, was really nifty and helped it stand out for me. There were a good number of novel feeling platforming areas here which is really cool given its bite sized nature.

All the references were really cute, I always enjoy seeing reimaginings of things and they managed to feel very unique. Were the eye blobs in the fan area a reference to something?

obj_e_bigchin was good. the spooky cutscene was tense but funny haha

Really enjoyed the music in the Dark. I loved how the Bio area's fog and graphics were designed to make it kinda tough to figure out what was dangerous - it definitely added to the ominous vibe. It looked great, and ended with a cool fight! Poor Palfly though.

Nifty idea on the final segment! I was really expecting one last part and was a bit thankful when there wasn't one, hahah.

Thanks for the save point signs.

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This was really excellent! I adored the overall texture of the house in all aesthetic senses and the writing was adorable, I liked having you respawn in your old bedroom rather than anywhere else quite a bit even if it could be a bit of a jog (putting the second hardest boss right next to it helps a lot lol).

The fighting was really cool - the mechanics weren't too hard to learn but had just the right about of sticky static nature to them to be difficult to fit in sometimes. Duessa was particularly troublesome because of all the spinny shapes forcing you to use diagonal leaps constantly, which are the easiest to mess up imo. Exciting final boss. I loved the way the book about the dog made me afraid that we were gonna have to fight it as a boss and then it turned out it was just a little buppy. Great game!

Will Aria live forever until killed too?

This was really fun! I enjoyed deeply the arena design and art design and everything but especially the sound design was just nuts. I actually didn't notice the Papa Johns respawn point for a long time so I reexperienced the hoverboard over and over and discovered a glitch where if I was holding fire the sound would repeat forever even after I stopped after passing one of the screen boundaries, which added a nice energy onto the already powerful energy of the end segments. I love Rena and I love this. Thank you!

NICE! I love the shape of everything, there's a lot of character to the seaweed and all the fishy creatures. It was fun to play!

i really like it.

- it has no up and down and no map, i am truly in space, unbound by all things, i am a mouse who is low to the ground. humans cheat and stand high and look far and do not see the true mystery of the ground

- there is no thing in the world safe from the cryptographical solving capabilities of the mouse, the human relic ship's mysteries are forever known

- every thing is so scary even though there is nothing to be scared of (you think)

- i feel like the human space relic got bigger when i was on it for longer than when i first saw it but everything is so much bigger than it first appears

i have not yet been to the rat library and perhaps i should never go, for its mysteries are likely so deep and so dangerous that they would be better left unpondered by mice.. for only the most inquisitive rats.

but i know one day i will hear its siren call

also i adore your soundtrack in every possible way. as you can probably tell i spent a lot of time looking at the human thing and the sound as i neared it nd slowly spiralled in towards it for 3 minutes was truly scary. this was better than many modern day ~horror games~ simply by nature of mood

i think that the thing where you slowly fly in is important because it forces you to spend time on things. many games now think spending time is bad. they think that everything is a waste of time and do everything to make you not spend time. but in this game despite having a relatively limited zone of environments it feels like there is true distance because of how difficulty reaching places is. you have time to feel wonder and fear and hope. and you watch things in the sky and think "it looks so close, but..." the eco ship's pieces laugh as you spiral about, barely able to even...

i liked to imagine what it would be like to be one of these rodents. all alone on one of the outer ships. unable to make it back. you wait with the rest of mouse sector, all the pieces moving in tandem, hoping that some day someone will visit you, but no one wants to go there because it is scary. the machine glows red as the h wall flames up. will you sleep here? alone? eternal?

good game

no no no no