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That was interesting. I've usually avoided this type of hack but I'm a pretty heavy supporter of the idea of trying to find interesting aspects in anything people create, so it's cool to see you've found such interesting angles in a medium like this. It's not at all the same sort of thing, but I'm curious if you'd enjoy the confusing art in CHIKO's Luckyman Rockman hacks.

I suspect that in general these cases of heavy "boy's club" "alt-right-y" type media filling the fields are the tragic results of marketing, unfair societal policies on who gets access to technology and support in doing so, and the simple realities of highly aggressive technological communities. I remember I essentially left the chiptune community entirely because it was too close to people I felt uncomfortable being near due to their right wing views. It upsets me a lot to think about how even today so many of these things are barely changing. I hope some day there's a more egalitarian world in these fields - it makes me sad to think of all the things that have brought me joy that essentially are forced into being straight white male zones because of shit communities or policies, when they really don't have any inherent reason they'd have to be.

I appreciated the art design and writing for this a lot. Good job. Also intriguing to think about using MV for expressing ideas in this form, I'd never considered doing that before.

Thanks for making it.

Hey! I've been experimenting with the free version and am planning to upgrade to Premium once I have a project to work on, but since all the comments seem to be tech support questions I thought I'd leave you a comment talking about how amazing this is! The amount of effort you've invested on it is amazing and it looks so good in all the trials I've done with it, thank you so much for creating the superb tool!!


They may be gone but they'll always live on in our memory

I loved this so much I went back and recorded a video ! I included Higu quotes for effect.

I've been really enjoying this game so far - the level design has been entertaining and the Act 1 bosses for each area have generally been fun ideas. I particularly enjoyed Gene Gadget. Right now I'm stuck on the Panic Puppet Act 1 boss, which is... troublesome... but perhaps I'll eventually get around to completing it. Flying segments are always really rough...

I have a few suggestions:

- For the switch in Gene Gadget Act 1, it might more clearly convey how it works if it played sound effects to indicate it was on a timer, akin to Sandopolis zone's grind blocks. I couldn't figure it out and had to time out for one death because I wasn't sure if I missed a pathway or something.

- For Panic Puppet zone Act 1, I feel like it might be served by a mild timer extension of some sort: I enjoy the level design, but feel like I'm forced to rush through and ignore it all by the fact that the fight takes so long to do.

Anyway, so far, really enjoying it!

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Hey, I really enjoyed this one! One thing I liked about it was that it felt kinda alive - things like the Palfly meant that rather than just a direct progression of ability to ability it sometimes felt like you were losing stuff too. I liked that the PH blocks were sort of a trick and not actually the next item.

Having the two different jumps, one of which is usually too short and one of which is usually too tall, was really nifty and helped it stand out for me. There were a good number of novel feeling platforming areas here which is really cool given its bite sized nature.

All the references were really cute, I always enjoy seeing reimaginings of things and they managed to feel very unique. Were the eye blobs in the fan area a reference to something?

obj_e_bigchin was good. the spooky cutscene was tense but funny haha

Really enjoyed the music in the Dark. I loved how the Bio area's fog and graphics were designed to make it kinda tough to figure out what was dangerous - it definitely added to the ominous vibe. It looked great, and ended with a cool fight! Poor Palfly though.

Nifty idea on the final segment! I was really expecting one last part and was a bit thankful when there wasn't one, hahah.

Thanks for the save point signs.

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This was really excellent! I adored the overall texture of the house in all aesthetic senses and the writing was adorable, I liked having you respawn in your old bedroom rather than anywhere else quite a bit even if it could be a bit of a jog (putting the second hardest boss right next to it helps a lot lol).

The fighting was really cool - the mechanics weren't too hard to learn but had just the right about of sticky static nature to them to be difficult to fit in sometimes. Duessa was particularly troublesome because of all the spinny shapes forcing you to use diagonal leaps constantly, which are the easiest to mess up imo. Exciting final boss. I loved the way the book about the dog made me afraid that we were gonna have to fight it as a boss and then it turned out it was just a little buppy. Great game!

Will Aria live forever until killed too?

This was really fun! I enjoyed deeply the arena design and art design and everything but especially the sound design was just nuts. I actually didn't notice the Papa Johns respawn point for a long time so I reexperienced the hoverboard over and over and discovered a glitch where if I was holding fire the sound would repeat forever even after I stopped after passing one of the screen boundaries, which added a nice energy onto the already powerful energy of the end segments. I love Rena and I love this. Thank you!

NICE! I love the shape of everything, there's a lot of character to the seaweed and all the fishy creatures. It was fun to play!

i really like it.

- it has no up and down and no map, i am truly in space, unbound by all things, i am a mouse who is low to the ground. humans cheat and stand high and look far and do not see the true mystery of the ground

- there is no thing in the world safe from the cryptographical solving capabilities of the mouse, the human relic ship's mysteries are forever known

- every thing is so scary even though there is nothing to be scared of (you think)

- i feel like the human space relic got bigger when i was on it for longer than when i first saw it but everything is so much bigger than it first appears

i have not yet been to the rat library and perhaps i should never go, for its mysteries are likely so deep and so dangerous that they would be better left unpondered by mice.. for only the most inquisitive rats.

but i know one day i will hear its siren call

also i adore your soundtrack in every possible way. as you can probably tell i spent a lot of time looking at the human thing and the sound as i neared it nd slowly spiralled in towards it for 3 minutes was truly scary. this was better than many modern day ~horror games~ simply by nature of mood

i think that the thing where you slowly fly in is important because it forces you to spend time on things. many games now think spending time is bad. they think that everything is a waste of time and do everything to make you not spend time. but in this game despite having a relatively limited zone of environments it feels like there is true distance because of how difficulty reaching places is. you have time to feel wonder and fear and hope. and you watch things in the sky and think "it looks so close, but..." the eco ship's pieces laugh as you spiral about, barely able to even...

i liked to imagine what it would be like to be one of these rodents. all alone on one of the outer ships. unable to make it back. you wait with the rest of mouse sector, all the pieces moving in tandem, hoping that some day someone will visit you, but no one wants to go there because it is scary. the machine glows red as the h wall flames up. will you sleep here? alone? eternal?

good game

no no no no

A very effective game. Difficult and will take time and practice to complete, but if you're a fan of that kind of grindy experience, it can be pretty rewarding - infinite chances mean that patience can get you there even if it can seem frustrating at first, and I think the art design of the work overall is worth it. Gets a lot of use out of a relatively limited toolbox. I adore when things become blackened.

If you're curious about a full play of the game and aren't interested in playing it yourself/don't feel good enough to complete it, feel free to watch this fullplay.

Grow strong! Grow strong! Grow strong and devour!

I hope the Loveland Frog stays safe next time it goes out...

An excellent experience. This is a relatively short experience for anyone curious, essentially taking the form of a single dungeon with event battles scattered throughout. This isn't a "traditional" RPG where you grow over the course of the game, but essentially a game about puzzling your way through a variety of pressures using items and abilities granted to you from the beginning. So be aware of that. For what it's worth, I'd say that this makes it a lot easier to test whether you'll enjoy it than the average RPG might, so please try it out.

The battles are tied into the story, which is not so much a progression through events as a deep dive into one's history. This lets the work focus entirely on the specific story it wants to rather than trying to juggle too many balls, and the cutscenes are fairly poignant. My favorite is the one right after the maze, as it hits particularly hard as build-up to the climax.

Now, that said, the game is all about the fights and those cutscenes, so if you're looking for a sweeping game or aren't really that excited for puzzling out battles, you probably will not enjoy this game. It's active time battle as well, so if that pressures you too much, be warned. But as a small and well-crafted RPGMaker game, I definitely think it's worth trying before you decide whether you dislike it.

Good luck...

I think the interface and gui are fine honestly, but maybe I'm just used to it. I think you should be able to change the font by replacing things in the extras folder. There's a few things saved in the config.ini, mostly the contents of the options menu at the top.

But yeah, it is what it is I suppose.

You can even write accurate GB music in FamiTracker if you know what you're doing - by exporting a specially formatted NSF and running it through this script.

Might be a little too complex for newbies, though.

It's a little infamous among tracker users because it used to be fairly buggy and it's still being pretty heavily developed - two years ago it was /really/ inaccurate for the game boy, although usable - here's a terrible old composition showing what you could do with it back in the day.

Deflemask has gotten a lot better now though, and I think that it might be a great tool for people who want accurate GB music!

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If you want authentic Game Boy music, you can make it in Deflemask tracker.
Available for Win/Mac/Linux.