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I am confused about the "lore" of this game. why does the hamburglar loot burger king when he lives in mcdonaldland? Does he think looting will cause burger king economic ruin? Is he disloyal to mcdonalds? What would Officer Big Mac say? He wouldn't say anything because Sid and Marty Krofft's character H.R. Pufnstuff sued mcdonalds so officer big mac can no longer make public appearances.


This Hamburglar is a real life one, not a part of the McDonalland cinematic universe. He supports BLM and the Burger King was right next to the police precinct. He is not well read ore learned about the economic situation, he wants just to create a public display. No justice, no peace.

Officer Big Mac would say, "Oink oink!" because he is a pig. Any other questions will be answered tomorrow when I am awake. 


officer big mac is a sentient hamburger , not a pig. Even though they are called hamburgers they are made of cow meat. However, metaphorically he is a pig and a b*****d. I donated 10$ to your game thank you.