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That's what I did.




I appreciate it!! There's a big project coming soon that I hope you enjoy as well :-)

I didn't! I will if someone donates to this game lol

Thanks for the feedback brennenspires122! How would you improve this game?


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After I made this, I forget if someone told me or if I was just on his page, but I saw DSG and was like, wtf did I accidentally copy this or like store it in the depths of my thoughts? I must have seen it, because it looks like it's been up since 2016, and I've been to his website a bunch. 100% not an intentional steal, but it sure looks like it especially because we both used a bunch of funny default Clickteam objects.

My main source of inspiration was jREG's anti-centrist videos, other Political Compass memes from the time, and how academic websites with dated web design look. I do love Jacob's games however, Revenge of the Sunfish is for sure one of the most inspirational games to me! I think we also share a common inspiration in Kimberly Kubus.


I appreciate your kind words. I'm not so sure about the "epic sex time". What reminded you of that in my game? This game is intended for all audiences, so I would like to take any reference like that out. Am I accidentally referring to some Tik Tok meme?

Anyhow, if you are interested in appreciating this work, you could make a viral video about it. Write a letter to Markiplier, or one of those other guys to feature my content. Maybe he can host it on his Only Fans account and he can make a profit off of it. Anyhow, that's just an idea. Thanks for showing interest and leaving a comment.

I hope you learned a lesson from this game about washing your hands. Even though Joe Biden says the pandemic is over and that we have found washing our hands is not effective in preventing airborne diseases, it's still important to wash your hands, especially after using the toilet. We don't want you smearing feces all over someone else's hands.

Thanks again for playing and I hope you have a nice day.

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Sure, any time.


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This manifesto is based and accurate.

idk, thanks for playing.


I'm sorry.

bruhger king

sorry, what was that?

Who's that?
~ Blake

thanks for taking a look! I'm glad to see someone finding the different accounts :-)

Sorry, the chart was flipped for the first day, it's actually fascist. I'd say all trivia and word based puzzles like that are some of the most fascist games ever. At a bar trivia near me, the host is called "The Trivia General"!

Sorry, the chart was flipped for the first day, it's actually fascist.

Sorry, the chart was flipped for the first day, it's actually anarchist(which makes sense even if it's a puzzle game[fascist]).

Sorry, the chart was flipped for the first day, it's actually communist? I'm interested in how you answered this, because I feel like it probably is Libertarian, but I can see that someone would play it more for the music/aesthetic of it all.

Sorry, the chart was flipped for the first day, it's actually fascist.

Thanks for playing and reading. Thanks for the correction!

I don't owe you anything.


Thanks for playing! I think the real time quality makes this puzzle game very expressive.

Akira Toriyama's art makes it not fascist.


I need to see ID first

What is that? Pyramid head?


I believe in you that you can.


Why are other games made?

I could get this game stuck on a roof pretty easily.

Why do you think it was made?

A basketball, not basketball.

Do you look at a basketball and say the same thing?

A sick ass game for gamers, the hot dog.