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yaaay i got all the stars. fun little game and i like how generous the respawn is. now i kinda wanna play super mario sunshine... mmmm...

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1 another great essay thats both informative and personal... I guess I have similar memories, not really understanding wrestling etc
2 shout out to john paizs

3 on firefox i cant seem to get back to the beginning even closing the browser

lololol my cruddy tuxpaint painting is there

thank you I hope you will enjoy BUBBO II

this is like touhou its very difficult for me

It happened, I saw it. I was with Binky at a 7-11 Gas Station when this happened.

What is Binkey? What is Binky? How can we know what is real?

I love this game a lot ! Very funny while covering a quite serious topic of... indie... game...

The Dog's name is Ruff !

interesting main character design...

thanks for reissuing this game even though I have a windows 3.1 dosbox

what A cute little game :)

I like the trees but I'm stuck and don't know where else I can go . Nice work on your first game :)

da vinki? hahahaha!

Emotional, vague in the textual way that something like Yume Nikki conveys through art. How much of this is the real author's pain?

The harmony of the spheres...

very the silver case vibes

im stuck

too many you cannot beat it!!! bwhahahaha.

BINKY and BUBBO are the same. At first they were called Bubbo but then I kind of forgot and decided to call them Binky. The Bubbo in Binky's Planned Party was sort of an unused content sprite and I thought it would be funny to put it in there. And yet in the information of the gaiden games I write that 

What is a gaiden? Is it a spinoff? Is it not "cannon"? What is "cannon" anyway, something pirate ships use?

So perhaps mulling over the BINKY-BUBBO duality is a futile effort, and an itch io comment is no place to discuss the idea of canon in regards to literary theory, religious studies etc.

it is coming soon. You can follow updates on my twitter
BINKY XX is unfortunately in limbo.

I like how heavily the potato falls

I love the couplet

`Starling in a cage,
starling in a rage

thank you for enjoying it and suggesting the name of nanado... (but then, who is DORAGON?)

youre welcome ^_^ i like short games

what is a "BINKY" anyway?

"BINKY" is a wacky nonbinary character included in a variety of computer entertainment products which we hope you enjoy.

cute game with interesting use of space. though with the character sprites sometimes it was hard for me to find the right place to talk to them

most homoerotic yume nikki

i love dragon :)

karl marx?

1 : wow i remember this character from tinybird dot zone
2 : OMG somehow you found a midi used in prismCorp virtual enterprises

I'll find the track later >_<

Thank you for playing many of fotocopiadora and I's games ^_^

Cute and educational

I love the preview image of this game. very calming

thank you for "party"ing

youre welcome

J-ff B-z-s sounds like a star wars robot

A very heavy and emotional work to say the least.

i love the little mouse on the title screen can  i have the sprite pls :)

gotta get #freeRadio-Head trending.
I like how you call them both ducks and cats

the real monster of this game is radio heads lawyers

thank you im glad that it helped you feel calm. that is a better feeling than the comment below saying this game is claustrophobic.