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Thank you for this. I enjoy the tempo of the ... loading the text. It brings up a lot of hard to navigate feelings...

A really interesting and whimsical game!

Yoda, Yoda where are you going?

I love being a girl who is a mouse!

thank you for the kind thoughts wasnot, if the writing is relatable it may be because I really got into Disco Elysium and the inspired some of it...

A beautiful but absolutely depressing game. give my regards to Ogilvy on the art! rpg maker mv has so many plugins

1: there are only two domino club members who know dutch and i am not the fluent one here lol. 2: this was good in like...a painful way.

holy shit... zzt in a dream. emotional. terror. thanatophobia maximal...

Anuro, Furimukanaide Uchyuu no hate ni kirameku hoshi ha Anuro, Omae ga suteta furusato da Wasure ha shinai, Shounen no hi no chikai wo Seishun wo kake, Mamorinuke kono shiawase wo

the outer limits . . . please stand by. loved the graphics. and this page css

this is soo good oh my gosh. the excitement i got out of defeating a difficult encounter, the enemy designs...the soundtrack... THE FINALE... can you upload the ost sometime... favorite of domino 4 so far

Help how do I kill jester


Really good game! Love the MS DOS style art...!

you're kind of like the person the DX-8900se tore in half, you know that?

hi please censor the word m*rio in your comment

Soon I will release binky megapack that has all the games please be patient

Thank you!


Thank you for gameing

i finally read cute im glad that after so many years they can meet..

*AO3 user voice* major Character death

How do i get the good ending

a mysterious world... many overworlds make the world small but this feels like a large world. a world fit for a horse. the potential of rpg maker revealed!

Moral of the story there were tasty grapes

Hbd o/

i love to fly forever in the computer world and listen to the funny sounds

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A really beautiful and intense game... the epilogue ...made me warm.

Long distance relationships must have been even more painful in the past...

spoilers rot13 fur orggre pngpu gung genva... naq jvyy gurfr gjb ynqvrf rire fubj hc ntnva?

you should make a game like this but not scary spmetime

i love the little greblin gremlin critter i just finished the tutorial it was a little confusing but now that i know this is some kind of bitsy super hack...

Really cute character... intense thematically.
I love the mythos you've written.

btw are the backgrounds kind of a nod to umineko?

haha thank you lots! You totally could've written on the EX missions if you wanted to though ;)

i like game where you have emulator like features also i have no idea how to do a kittey-boost jump

that was a lot. normative violent... fucked up friends... and the like...
the music is kinda quiet though

Scary spider :0

The next elfstallment even...

Error: the passage "cave hole 2" does not exist

THank you for being entertained

An exciting mystery... that's for sure...

This story was sooo cute it gave me mouse and gender feels