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Let's hear it for GLIMBY!

A strong piece. I like the room changing trick.

Thank you.

mouse cat...the gulf of difference. the essence of video games... the choice is yours, and yours alone

Really good loved the music and vibes... I have no idea how to solve this umineko esque mystery... how do the red words function here...?

That was rough.

makes you think... heavy stuff.

what if little guys made games...

Lovely portraits.

gaah the ending

DEVO fans get your shovels

if a skull drank any liquid it would go to the floor and you'd have to mop it up

A very cute crate pusher here.


getting an error trying to download it?

The curse of dendygar has been encountered by a second tormented soul...

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gaah It's still happening... tried windows compatibility modes and changing graphics settings... just crashes after a random amount of time... friend on linux says it is not happening with her!

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Bug Report: game crashed shortly after entering the hole near dendygar? After reloading the game I am in the pit and moving a bit forward it crashed again.

Excited to Go To The Crypt


A+ for the hand drawn sprites

Theme suggestions: mouse

Reason; i like mice. They're cute and small.

just a lil fella going dwarf mode on the ale

If you care so much make your own fish s*x game 😮‍💨

Did you make an account just to ask this question? Just play through the game it's fairly linear. The "anglerfish mating" is merely a content warning, to tell people to brace themselves if they're uncomfortable with it. It's not actually in the game. 0__0

Dream poetry in RPG scape

Beautiful thought-provoking but also kind of fluffy game like I'm not sure if any of this writing is meant to be taken seriously. It reminds me of like some hypothetical movie that is like beyond the black rainbow but more intellectual. Also we looked in the files and there's some of my art in there but it wasn't in the game so I was a little sad...

At first I thought this was made by sylvie because the platforming is hard but then there were no checkpoints so I think this isn't a sylvie game

british game detected

Short but sweet... accidentally skipped a textbox though

Getting some petscop and John Thyer's Buried Flower vibes here. with this one... looking for secrets. there has to be secrets... or they'll be added eventually

Thank you for this game. The presentation is beautiful. the story is... strong. little broken things. I'll have to revisit this sometime.

most uncomfortable dunkey king fangame i have played i think you deserve an award for that

my favorite one so far... how did you do the size distortion? I love these little worlds within worlds you carve out of viddygames... inside the mind of the player.

Beautiful short twine here. The closed set of changeable words creates a sort of ambiguity, sorting through feelings. What does KNIFE feel, What does DOLL feel? This must be found, this could be multiple feelings at once. Thank you ^_^

Wherre is the parasitees?

This is kinda fucked up but I like the music befitting of the atmosphere...

Congrats on your first game release slither!

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bug report:
failed to load : audio/bgm/Ship1.ogg

Edit: pretty sure it's fixed