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I really like what I saw, but it kept crashing! Also, it didn't have any sound?

But I'm really excited for this!

Thanks for the encouragement! ^^ Working on a bunch of bug fixes this weekend.

Re: sound, there definitely should be sound. What OS are you using?

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I'm also getting no sound. I'm using the Windows version, on Windows 10. I can hear sound fine on the "Play Online Free" html5 version, although I can't get the local html5 version to work, it just gives me a blank screen.

Here's the internal log, if it helps any:

This line might be relevant, not sure:

"ERROR: 'frankenstein_ifeelmyheart' in set 'passage' failed to play. Check name/did you buffer it?"

Thanks for the report & log. I think the sound issue is something to do with DLLs. Will investigate.