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This is really good. The wikipedia sequence perfectly encapsulated what having an OCD thought is like.

This was really fun! I had a bit of difficulty figuring out how the bus handled and aiming my weapons and such, but after I got the hang of it I really enjoyed it! Great work!

The presentation is really great! I love wiremesh style and all the particle effects! Also, that you were able to make a tutorial is really cool!

Very cool!

Good presentation, if nothing else!

(Also a warning about memory keeps popping up? I can still get it to run though.)

My thought process while playing this game:

  • That's a cool space station! I wonder how they made that.
  • Thank god for invisible walls or I'd be falling into the void right now.
  • That's a really nice skybox.
  • How do I open this door?
  • Red eyes in the dark? FRIEND!
  • I get startled

I liked this a lot!

I am confused and intrigued?

This reminds me a lot of Fallen London and Blaseball?

I think I really like this?

Well done!

This is really nice! I wish there was more feed back when you pick up an item- like a thing that says "This item added to collection!". But I really like it! Your models and textures are really great! Good work!

This is really neat! I liked the illusion of choice bit. I also really liked being chill with the ork lady. Good job!

I really like what I saw, but it kept crashing! Also, it didn't have any sound?

But I'm really excited for this!

Hi! Thanks for bringing this to my attention! I did a quick fix and uploaded a new version that gives you the option to restart once you get to the end page. It should work. Hopefully.

Also, thanks for playing!


Thanks for letting me know! I've fixed it and uploaded the fixed version.

Thanks a bunch <3

I liked this a lot! The art was really good, and I wasn't expecting a full on card game!