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For some reason the game won't recognize some inputs from an Xbox One controller. It recognizes XYBA and the L/R bumpers, along with the two menu buttons, but not the sticks, D-pad or triggers.

edit: Nevermind, analog sticks seem to work. Not the d-pad or triggers, though.  

Thanks for your report. I don't have an Xbox one controller in order to try but I'll see if I can do something about that. For the d-pad, is it some or all the directions that are not detected?

Doesn't seem to detect any direction on the D-Pad. But since the analog sticks work, it's not such a big problem. 


All right. Omeganaut is meant to be played with the Analog stick, while D-pad detection is mostly used  for retro 8bitdo gamepads.


XBox controller is now fully supported, with rumble too!