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Dear God, THANK YOU, I might finally know what the hell I own in here lmao

Have you tested this out on a GBA?

Hey this kicked serious butt

I chose Alberto!

I would have also bought Pulsar Code for myself, though. 

Tougher than I expected! I like the structure of the game, never gets too frustrating even if it requires some trial and error at times. Great presentation, too. 

Doesn't seem to detect any direction on the D-Pad. But since the analog sticks work, it's not such a big problem. 

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For some reason the game won't recognize some inputs from an Xbox One controller. It recognizes XYBA and the L/R bumpers, along with the two menu buttons, but not the sticks, D-pad or triggers.

edit: Nevermind, analog sticks seem to work. Not the d-pad or triggers, though.