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Note that if you use the desktop app on Linux, it doesn't seem to include the 2016 latest patch for Super Hexagon. Check the CREDITS first screen - should say "PORT BY ETHAN LEE" if it's the latest version. If it doesn't say that, download and install the linux-01082016.tar.gz patch from (there's a Patch.README.txt at that URL which gives a changelog and instructions). You basically extract the .tar.gz inside the ~/.config/itch/apps/super-hexagon/data dir.


Whats the difference between the two?

And the website hasn't updated since 2015 (at least for the Racial Justice Bundle)


According to the changelog: 

	- SDL2 2.0.4, OpenAL Soft 1.17.1
	- Default to fullscreen on first start
	- Added myself to the credits, because everyone else is doing it >_>

Thats nothing big...... right?


It's nothing too big, I suppose, but I do think it is important to credit the guy who ported it to Linux!