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Would you ever consider using's 'butler' tool to publish STK updates here? It would provide better compatibility with the itch desktop client, allowing for automatic updates, file integrity checks, and just overall smoother installation, among other things.

It's FOSS and can be used in automated build/deploy pipelines, if those are concerns.


I got Death and Taxes through the Racial Justice bundle earlier this year. It's a fun game! I have 22hr or so in it so far :-)

I was wondering if it would be possible to upload the game to using 'butler', a command line tool provided by This would make it function better with the itch client. You can find more info about it here: 

Essentially, itch needs developers to upload their games with butler in order to provide all the features available. The current upload methods for the game (which appear to be .ZIP for Windows and .TAR.GZ for Linux and Mac) aren't compatible with automatic updates by itch or integrity checks (I actually missed installing the Halloween update by 2wk because I didn't notice this, oops lol). They used to be supported, but apparently there were a lot of problems:

Thank you in advance for reading this!

It's nothing too big, I suppose, but I do think it is important to credit the guy who ported it to Linux! 

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Hi, thank you so much for fixing this so quickly! I can confirm that the itch client now unpacks the installation properly. I can also launch and play the game without issues (at least, none that I can see). I am using Debian 10 on a 64-bit computer, but I have multi-arch enabled so I can install and run 32-bit programs as well.

There is only one small issue that I have not been able to resolve. Launching the game from the itch client leads to extremely garbled sound output. However, if I launch the executable directly from my file manager or from a terminal, the audio is fine. I don't know why using the itch client causes this, but I'm happy to help you diagnose this further if you are interested in fixing this.

Edit: changed some wording to be more clear

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I got this game from the Racial Justice bundle and went to install it from the itch client on Linux. However, after I do so, when I go to launch it, the client finds no executables. Looking at the install folder in the client, I can see that the game has not been unpacked. The tar.gz package is sitting in the "octodad-dadliest-catch" folder. Could you look into fixing this? I have also submitted an error log to the itch client team in the event this is on their side of things. 

Edit: the folder is "octodad-dadliest-catch", not "deadliest" as I originally wrote

According to the changelog: 

	- SDL2 2.0.4, OpenAL Soft 1.17.1
	- Default to fullscreen on first start
	- Added myself to the credits, because everyone else is doing it >_>