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i love the thing the description does (although I can't put it to words properly - "avoids breaking kayfabe" is the best I can come up with), but I genuinely have no idea what kind of game it is outside "the kind where the description is Like That."

What do you... do in this game? Aside from control a "meat husk," I have nothing but speculation.  I'd assume it's some sort of RPG (of the "point-and-click style puzzles" or "press interact on everything to receive jokes and/or narrative" kind) but I couldn't tell you for sure because the description is unclear.

Now don't get me wrong, I love this weird sort of description, I just don't think it should sacrifice its purpose in service of weirdness like this.


I do. I think that sacrificing functionality or description in favor of just bein' weird! is a perfectly reasonable tradeoff.