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good and handsome

If you fall off in the ice physics area, you'll respawn with all your momentum, probably causing you to shoot off the ledge immediately. And then this made me run out of lives in that area which sent me to the start of the level, but everything still has ice physics. X_X

Beat it without dying! :D
The end screen went away before I could grab a screenshot though. Oh well.

Wow, that sounds pretty yikes tbh.

I do. I think that sacrificing functionality or description in favor of just bein' weird! is a perfectly reasonable tradeoff.

No other game has ever made me feel like a swiss army knife is so badass. 10/10

Could you please add a way to use the dpad instead of analog stick to move? That way feels much more natural to me.

I really like the game, and I'm impressed that this is the first you've made! Keep making stuff like this, and you'll make me very happy.