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This game is exciting, fun and really gets the heart pumping. I feel like the difficulty level is just too high. I put a couple hours in and only cleared level 11. Still, every level feels great when you finally get there. This game mechanic could really grow into a game with a lot of depth. The mods are very creative although it's always hard to decide whether to spend or save. It's definitely not a roguelike, though. That label might confuse some people.


thank u so much for playing!! its meant to b a p challenging game that u get better at over time, but the next time i can get around to updating it ill absolutely b adding actual difficulty settings :) also i removed the roguelike descriptor, i still feel it has a decent amount of core features of roguelikes w permadeath n procedurally generated levels, but i def agree it could confuse ppl cause its not what most would think of when they hear roguelike

thank u for the feedback!! <3