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This was such a fun game! I absolutely ADORED all the art and the worldbuilding felt so creative and interesting! All three of the monsters were really fascinating in their own ways, and I enjoyed all three routes immensely - even Yiestol's, which I was initially a bit unsure about! Nyargh's route was probably my favourite though... It's just so cosy and lovely! I truly love the way this game embraces weirdness wholeheartedly. Thank you for making such a beautiful game!


Gosh, this is such a kind comment, having our weird game called beautiful is such incredibly high praise... We're both really touched and happy that you enjoyed our work on it! Thank you so much for giving the game a try and even braving a route that might have otherwise been daunting. We're so glad you enjoyed it!

Also please forgive how late this reply is! I'm the one who handles the social media, so I can only apologise for my sluggishness!