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This is an absolutely beautiful game for two players - extremely well-designed with great prompts that give you just enough of a starting point to get going. The flow of the game feels very cathartic, as it moves from the first stage of "scars" - bringing up negative memories in which your characters have hurt each other, as you also describe how the mech is broken - to the second stage of making repairs, in which your characters recall positive memories as they try to mend their relationship or atone for past injuries while fixing the mech at the same time. The final stage as your characters say goodbye to each other before the big fight is full of bittersweetness, hope and dread warring in your minds. It's a game that made me really emotional and within the span of a couple of hours built a relationship I was deeply invested in. I'm so in love with it! 

Ohhh this game is SO lovely and made me cry! The ending is so poignant and powerful and everything throughout the game felt so real. All the interactions were so believable. I really felt like I was living through Alex's life with her. I'm queer & nonbinary and fandom has been an extremely important place of self-discovery and friendship for me ever since I was TINY, and this game evoked all those feelings of growing up and finding strength and comfort from like-minded online friends so so perfectly. What a joy <3333

This is a really wonderful game! The premise immediately hooked me and it's a lovely way to spend a few hours with a friend. We both discovered that we really love playing ship AIs, and we crafted a really sweet romance together that I'll be thinking about for a long time. Due to many lucky dice rolls we didn't really get to the part about resisting the MAN, but this is for sure a game that I would like to revisit in the future!

This was a fantastic game! Really well-designed and fun with some very quirky encounters, and it was both challenging and engaging enough that I spent the better part of my day playing it over and over again until I beat it! The puzzles are cool, although I noticed an error in the puzzle in the Gallery (in the 7th column of letters, the S should be replaced by an N!). A very enjoyable way to spend several hours!

Hi! Just to point out - I'm trying to play the game and enjoying it but I couldn't find 1 & 2 in the rulebook either, so you might want to double check that?

Oh my god I LOVED this game. The library setting was perfect for me and I really appreciated the delight and wonder that was always present in this game alongside the despair and fear, because of all the interesting discoveries you could make and all the magnificent tomes you could save. It wasn't all bleak! I felt like I got to build some sense of what my country was like beyond the library, its history and culture. I had a lot of fun, and would definitely recommend this game!

Played the Twine version and my GOD this game is breathtaking (ha!). Really gorgeous and poetic writing, and I love the art. This game despite its short length feels very rich and textured and... indulgent, somehow! I really love the way this game explores vulnerability and intimacy. I can't stop thinking about it! 

This was such a fun game! I absolutely ADORED all the art and the worldbuilding felt so creative and interesting! All three of the monsters were really fascinating in their own ways, and I enjoyed all three routes immensely - even Yiestol's, which I was initially a bit unsure about! Nyargh's route was probably my favourite though... It's just so cosy and lovely! I truly love the way this game embraces weirdness wholeheartedly. Thank you for making such a beautiful game!

This was a really immersive and haunting experience - I loved the premise of being the sole survivor on board a drifting spaceship, hunted by a monstrous alien creature, and the setting and atmosphere were evoked perfectly through the prompts. This game definitely intensified the feelings of isolation I already had from being in lockdown! But depite the hopelessness and dread, it was still an extremely engaging way to spend an hour by myself. Great game!