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Hi! The input buttons don't correspond directly to the keyboard, sorry for the confusion.

 I should support this with a function called "key" or something, probably.

"btn" provides a, b, x, y, select, start, and directional buttons.

to check the arrow keys, you can do something like this:

if btn 'u'  -- up
  y -= 1
elseif btn 'd' -- down
  y += 1
elseif btn 'l' -- left
  x -= 1
elseif btn'r' -- right
  x += 1

Edit: Also! You can find the full input mapping for keyboard + controllers in the manual :) 

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New question, Does math.random work?  

and is there in anyway I can bugtest my code because when i write run it just freezes until i press ESC, no error message or nothing