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I am completely stuck. only got the first item.
more or less looked at every room with the thing but I dont see how I can advance anywhere.
everywhere cul de sacs (dont the 'Muricans have their own word for that, not that french crap?)
and the only path has the c things where I dont know what to do :-/


Hi - you should try using the item you got in the room where you said you don't know what to do. See if you can look where you may have assumed you cannot. The solution to the room will be quite self-evident when you find it.

Wait, z does stuff! :O

I totally didnt get that both you could interact with stuff and that there was stuff to be interacted with.
now that explains a lot :-)

I did get quite a bit further. saw everything, went everywhere, understand how it basically works.
only thing I still dont see how to get all 6 thingies to do their thingie.
And how to actually escape.

It might help you to think where you have seen those 6 lights before.

I know.
but I still dont get it.
was literally the first thing I have seen.
no idea what exactly triggers them.
6 in a line cant be true due to not enough space :-)

Have you found the other room that has the 6 lights? There's something you can interact with in there. It might be easier to figure out what happens as a result with the sound on.

hm, gotta look in there again.
only get the top most light to flash and the interact object jsut grays out.
just have to look into it again...

Hmm - I hadn't come this issue before, thanks for highlighting it! What do you think would make the interactable stuff more obvious that you can interact with it? Perhaps I should display a Z (or O) on screen above the player when you are next to them.