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im really glad you liked it! i was looking over my copy of Dracula and saw the forward that went into detail about Bram Stoker's ambiguous sexuality and his probable attraction to men (+ how he wrote Dracula to be played by one of his actor friends he was obsessed with). Going off of that I made Jonathan Stoker's self insert in a sense, also I had a burning desire to make a positive or at least fulfilling gay vampire romance. 

I was also inspired by a comic called When I Arrived at the Castle which is about lesbian monsters and a hate romance they have with each other (highly recommend!)

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Cool. I wasn't aware of that being the inspiration for Dracula. Blumhouse(the people who made The Purge) is doing a new Dracula movie. It's nice it's still such a popular story. 

That comic does look really good. Can't beat a good hate relationship :)