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game of the year 2020

OH IM SO GLAD YOU ENJOYED (OR, MAYBE ENJOYED ISNT THE RIGHT WORD) i had a lot of fun and pain making this and im so glad i can get others to cry about maul as much as i do

im really glad you liked it! i was looking over my copy of Dracula and saw the forward that went into detail about Bram Stoker's ambiguous sexuality and his probable attraction to men (+ how he wrote Dracula to be played by one of his actor friends he was obsessed with). Going off of that I made Jonathan Stoker's self insert in a sense, also I had a burning desire to make a positive or at least fulfilling gay vampire romance. 

I was also inspired by a comic called When I Arrived at the Castle which is about lesbian monsters and a hate romance they have with each other (highly recommend!)

thanks so much for playing! just noticed this as well and will get on it to get some better colliders out there!

played this at Day of the Devs today and was as mysterious and atmospheric as it looks! I'm really interested to see all the different permutations/endings and I'm excited for the release (I had never heard about this game until today)!

This game gave me such a wild trip in the very best way and explored gender in a way I could only ever hear my brain thinking.  I've never experienced a game (or any piece of media for that matter) that shook my core, made me laugh, cry, and feel my own gender all over again.