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Does this game support controller support?

would also like to know


Seems like it does :)

I just tried and it appears that it does.

I'm using Linux with a ps3 controller connected via USB

Yes, I'm using PS3 controller. Don't let your controller die though if using Bluetooth, as reconnecting doesn't seem to get picked up in-game and you have to restart.

Does not support controllers on Mac OS


Not interested in installing Gentoo just to play a game with a controller.  If I was going to use a linux distro it'd KDE Neon, Ubuntu, CentOS, or straight Debian.

Its a joke lol

I used a Xbox elite and everything works without mapping. Plug and play

Lenna on Windows doesn't pick up on my PS4 2nd gen controller. If I launch it through Steam, their shim driver works perfectly.

I'm using my xbox controller on Windows 10


I'm actually having an issue with this. I'm using a wired nintendo switch controller on Arch Linux. This controller works for other game platforms, such as retro arch, but doesn't work for this game. The game itself is beautiful and worth it to play even without the controller