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Really liked the game! My only complaint is that its rougelike random world generation holds the gameplay and story back in a lot of places. Also love Paige but wish she had some more dialog, since the game really wants you to keep her around.

Great game! Loved Chapter 2 as much as the first and hard mode is a nice remix ^^

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Great! Loved the original Dead Horizon and this even more so! It was the first game I played on itch actually, I remember spending more time than I was supposed to playing it during DAT class in high school lol.

really cool! took a little bit to adjust to the controls but I had a great time. 

Love the look of it! Reminds me of a GBA game that never happened. Although it also looks familiar to another game I cant exactly put my finger on...

Fantastic game!

Haha the best solutions are sometimes the most simple.

Absolutely adore it! My only regret is that There isn't a version without the Agency's notes saying what the Artifacts do and the stats of the monsters.

Really nice! Using this for my next game as a break after our last few life-or-death adventures lol.

great tool! Using this for my next camping lol.


Looks really cool!!

So cool!

the 3ds theme is gone :(

Have you uploaded it here?

Its a little clunky but I love the style!

I second this! Though its easy enough to translate this over. 


You know I played this game like a few months before I came out as trans, and I think this is what finally broke my egg in. Thank you so much.

Wonderful! Reminds me of when I was a kid.

Damn we be rolling

You absolute madlad

Great game, got me and my friends through High School computer class. 

This game looks great! Cant wait for the full release.

A really good game! I didnt get all the endings because as far as I can tell getting the last 2 require saying some pretty bad things and I finished the game on a dancing note so Im just gonna stop there. I hope theres more because id love to see more of these characters but im happy if this is all we get to see.

I love this game and I replay it every few months. 

Does this game support controller support?

This game looks great! I'm sure to get it soon.

Really fun!

Really good!

Really fun and uniqe game. 

Really cool!

Eh the joke was pretty awful anyways.

I was joking mate. 

Also, why tho?