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Joke’s on you buddy, “the opposite of a romance story” is my love script.

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Have you met real women bruh? The demo already covers the entire range of possible interactions.

I got that too. I think the problem is when you go home at the final quarter of the day (I spent a time slot shagging Asasmi in the bathroom, okay?). Asami exists in a “sitting in front of your Dremcast” for evening, but in the night timeslot she is nowhere.

I dunno where else to report this - the copy of Succubus Runa that was sold in an IndieGala bundle is a locked demo that cuts off right after the first boss. Did Medibang send Indiegala the wrong version? I reported this to IndieGala’s Discord, and gotten a “yes yes we’ll get right on that”. Which they didn’t do.

Here I am trying easy mode on the Desktop, with OBS recording. Both with drag and clicky/clicky modes. It works the same with Game Mode, Fullscreen or Windowed or FS(w) modes.

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Edit: Yep, the Jan ’24 build fixes it. Works on the Steam Deck, and also works on my Intel laptop if you give it the env variable “force_vk_vendor=-1”

~~It sort of runs on Steam Deck, but puzzle pieces refuse to ever click into place. Every good placement registers as if it is wrong. ~~

Yesterday Lenna wasn't having it with my (admittedly underpowered) Ubuntu Ideapad, the game thought I was missing some gpu feature. Now with 1.0.11, it works. Try again with the update.

Lenna on Windows doesn't pick up on my PS4 2nd gen controller. If I launch it through Steam, their shim driver works perfectly.

I think that the Java dependency is a no-go on Switch

*checks off "go on a date" from things to do in the 2010s*

Hmm I may have to take you up on that.

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Win 10 1809. I let the client handle the install, it has the sandbox turned on. So, it goes under Appdata/roaming/itch/apps/

Ah, went to the folder and the exe launched fine. So Itch’s attempt to launch as a constrained user is at fault?

it errors out with "cannot create subdirectory in temporary directory"

It's a curious peek into an utterly alien landscape.