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Oops yup, the doors are a bit tricky to navigate cos I set the door to trigger only when the player walks into the door! Really sorry about that! >< (Problem is I found that if I set a door to trigger if the player walks sideways into it, then the door will activate for every step you take as you walk sideways across it which meant you get stuck in a loop of entering & exiting till you walk past the door ahaha...)

But I'm glad you liked my game heheh :) There a few different interpretations of the story and its endings depending on how you see each character/role. Thank you so much for playing!

p.s. If you do try out the GBA tool and create a game, Iet me know! I'd be happy to play it sometime ^^ (& also if you manage to find a way around the door problem, do share with me haha) All the best!

HAHa you're welcome! Yea I might play around with GB studio; just to make ~something~;;; <3