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Floral Zero

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did some experimenting and it only worked when i added

      config.say_allow_dismiss = lambda: True

to unblock_queue_and_fire x) i have no idea whats going on but thats cool 
i have a feeling this is the wrong way to go about things- but if you have any explanation, please let me know T oT)""" i know nothing

came here from your cutscene tutorial, this game looks so lovely!! can't wait to try and play it <3

i haven't tried this- but the fact this post exists convinces me that you're my lifesaver rn oml
i wish RenPy had a built in cutscene mode :O would be so interesting

HAHa you're welcome! Yea I might play around with GB studio; just to make ~something~;;; <3 

the UI is super cute~

hopin hard for a 64-bit version;;; 

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^me since catalina was a thing- i still havent deleted it from my Applications T -T

the graphics look so cute!!! <3

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CUTE :D <3 I like our wandering protagonist hehe

ooo i liked it!!! this was cute; i found the doors/ where i could go was a lil tricky-  the way doors work in the game means like, if you're walking against a wall and then turn into a door, it wont trigger, even if you press Z; so I didn't go up the stairs in the second photo on my first play through)

i also care about that Middle Girl a lot ahhaha; it was really cute <3 i thought it was going to be a lot spookier than it ended up being (e.g. it turns out we were one of the bullies and it was doomed no matter what oop-) 

came across your game cause i wanted to see what the GBA tool was capable of; im inspired ^ w^) <3


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is this game 64-bit ; w;)"" (just Catalina things T ___T)