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Tons of bugfixing today. Moving platforms are always difficult to get entirely glitchless in a platforming game. And if you get hit with a spike, if you hit a block while the level transition was playing, the blocks you would hit would still get colored in.

Have I told you about our reset level button? In most time trial focused games, you have two keys to quickly reset the level. One is restarting from the last checkpoint, and one is for restarting the entire level and the timer. Personally, I often mix these up. If I'm used to quickly running levels, for which I often do a full reset if I make even the slightest mistake, when running a harder level I often press level reset instead of checkpoint reset, which prompts me to restart the level with no undo.

So in Mobility I came to the solution that pressing [R] resets to the checkpoint, and holding [R] for ~0.3 seconds resets the level. This works quite well, actually, and solves the problem for the most part.

Okay, bonus short story!

Unidrax (see last post, he's building some levels for Mobility! currently) saw the names I had given the levels so far (Vertigo, Xenon, Gold), and that inspired him to translate random words into Latin and use those as level names. This already generated some awesome names like Ostium ('door') and Magna ('big'). He comes with crazy ideas like this all the time but it's the most genius when it actually works out.