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This game took me by surprise! A lot of choices, and lovely dialog!

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Thank you, and thank you for your gameplay! I nearly died every time the "Pecan the great etc." popped out, escpecially during the ending X°°°°D

I'm sorry for the easily skippable text...if it happens again, just use the scroll wheel of your mouse or the "Rollback" button (on the bottom of the screen) to go back.

Anyway, I'm really happy you liked my game: if you're interested in playing more endings, story-wise I'd recommend ending 1 and 3 to complete your "journey" - there's a walkthrough in the download section, just in case you might need it.

Oh, and one more, totally optional thing: I noticed that almost anyone here got only one..."version" of the story. Sure, the paths to reach the endings are always the same, but if you want to have fun and try a different "twist" (maybe for ending 1 or ending 9 since you already got ending 5), try picking these choices: "...Hi" - "No one" - "Where am I" - "Go with him" - "Eat the meat raw - "Thanks, I guess" - "Enter the cave"

Thanks for the reply! I really did love this game, the story was so surprising with the different options and I can't wait to get the other endings! Great work on this!